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flexible hours

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purlease Mon 21-Sep-09 11:47:00

What are the chances of getting someone to do school holiday and after school hours. I'm considering my options for going back to work. I have a 4 year old dd who has just started reception and a 5 month old ds.

term time dd could go to after school club but I don't know what to do during holidays. DS could go to nursery so no problems there.

I like social environment of nursery for DS but may need to consider full time childminder. I suspect this will be a more costly option.

Any advice? I live in West London.

purlease Mon 21-Sep-09 13:07:56

any thoughts

nannynick Mon 21-Sep-09 13:31:13

It will be easier for you if both children are with the same childcarer plus it also makes it more attractive for that childcarer. I feel you need to consider how profitable your childcare arrangement will be to the childcare provider... as if the childcare provider won't money out of it, why should the childcare provider consider doing it.

Your DS being at a childminders is going to be a social environment. Sure he won't be with 8 other babies - but that's probably a good thing! A good childminder will take your DS to toddler groups, on outings to the park, meet up with other childminders so all the children get to socialise.

The childminder could collect your DD from school, could care for your DD during school holidays and inset days. The childminder will be wanting sometime off during the year but they will tell you those dates usually in advance so you will be able to book those as annual leave from your work.

Contact your local Families Information Service and ask them for a list of childminders who are able to collect from your DD's school. See what cost is involved, for full time daycare for your DS and after-school + school holiday care for your DD.

StillSquiffy Mon 21-Sep-09 13:35:57

There are lots of holiday clubs for school age kids - maybe you can google your local area? Other alternatives are using a childminder for holidays only (lots of demand, limited supply), getting a summer au pair (and winging it over other holidays), or advertising for a holiday 'nanny' (lots of the TA's in my DC's school do this over the breaks). It's a common problem for all of us.

purlease Mon 21-Sep-09 16:04:52

thanks for feedback. With DD we used a nursery which we were very happy with and which has good links with the school. Having 2 with one at school is a bit more complicated. I really need to look into the childcarer option in more detail. Squiffy, I was wondering about the holiday only option -I would expect most childcarers would want more of a long term contract.

I know I'm not the first to be in this position which is why I was wondering what others do.

HSMM Mon 21-Sep-09 17:41:43

I do holiday only contracts, so it's worth asking around.

purlease Mon 21-Sep-09 22:00:32

sounds good - must check nannynick's link

purlease Mon 21-Sep-09 22:08:45

found one person on list who does pick up from DDs schoolsmile

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