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moving almost 2 yo from nursery to CM - will it work?

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SnailShells Sun 20-Sep-09 11:14:12


Very unhappy with DSs nursery and am thinking of looking into a CM. Am worried he'll miss the noise/activity of nursery, plus he's just started to talk at home about a couple of the friends he's made at nursery.

I'm really worried about unsettling him but really don't want to leave him where he is - also my experiences with his nursery have put me off moving him to another nursery.

So, has anyone moved a little one around 2 (he's currently 21 months) form a nursery to a CM, and if so was the move successful?

Thanks in advance for any advice / experiences / opinions!

mightyevs Sun 20-Sep-09 12:31:22

Hi, I have just moved my 2 year old (25 months) from nursery to a cm and and it's gone really well. He's settled in and doesn't seem to miss nursery (he loved nursery and was really settled there). If he has made friends in nursery perhaps you could meet them on a weekend every now and then? I was worried about making the change but think it's worked out for the best especially when he goes to nursery and school he can stay with the same childminder. The structured activities in nurseries are good but it's also nice for them to take part in normal day to day things like a trip to the shops or walk to the park

magicOC Sun 20-Sep-09 14:47:55

No experience with nursery-CM, but, have witnessed nursery-nanny.

Nanny friends charge hated nursery, cried every morning when left, but, once parents changed to nanny the child thrived and is now happy sociable child who is quite happy to go (after a year of nanny only) off to nursery a few hours per wk.

Can you not arrange occasional play dates with nursery friends?

atworknotworking Sun 20-Sep-09 16:38:37

Had mindees move from nursery to me (cm) not had any probs and settled very well, it would be nice to keep in touch with DS's friends. 2 is a good age talking, walking, not so clingy, I'm sure it will go ok.

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