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CMs: Help with some planning

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crace Sat 19-Sep-09 14:34:09

Hi everyone, I hadn't planned September as I was having 3 part-timers starting, 2 of them after school only and 1 after pre-school. I didn't know when they were starting due to different issues all the families were having etc etc

ANYWAY, I am now needing to "formally" structure the next two weeks of September. Not worried about it too much as I am still introducing them all to the setting and getting used to the routine of school.

But could I have a few activities we could do? We will be doing outdoor stuff etc but some indoor stuff? My brain is so tired. October will be themed/outlined/EYFSed until my ears pop off but I could use some ideas for the next couple of weeks.

allthatglisters Sat 19-Sep-09 19:11:46

As you are still getting to know them, I wouldn't do any formal planning - just put out some things that you think children of their ages would like and see what their interests are. Before- and after- schoolers have already had a busy day and may like colouring/drawing, gluesticks and collage materials (see what you already have).

For the EYFS you can make some observations for a simple 'Starting Points' summary. If you like you can record what activities they do - you'll probably find that the 6 areas of learning are covered in what you generally do.

crace Sat 19-Sep-09 19:35:46

It's a funny thing isn't it? I feel like I should provide an activity for the after schoolers but they do have such busy days. What are parents/Ofsteds general thoughts on after school children?

My after school parents were quite happy for their children to 'chill' when they got to my house - they've had 6hrs or more of formal education and are knackered by the time we get back. Yes, if I had them in the holidays I would plan activities - but I have never had formal plans, and that wasn't a problem when I was inspected this year.

EYFS is supposed to be child-led, so I just had monthly 'themes', then took my lead from the children when they arrived.The 'planning' element is supposed to be for the child's 'next steps', not formal weekly/ daily plans - or so I was led to believe by the inspector. But the goalpsts change from inspector to inspector, so who knows what they want from us hmm

crace Sun 20-Sep-09 09:28:16

Hmm, maybe I should relax on the after school activities then. Luckily one after school child is 6 (hooray!) so he is ok, but I've got one that falls under the EYFS. Blech

HSMM Sun 20-Sep-09 10:11:00

When my lot come home from school, they either want to just flop in a chair, or charge around the garden screaming. That's about it. I will find them something to do otherwise.

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