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CM CLUB: Pinkchick in need of urgent advice please

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PinkChick Fri 18-Sep-09 13:17:21

got parent of mindee coming tonight.
she been coming 6 months and is contract to an amount of hours per week due to them being student medics.
days were given initially(over phone and while chatting) but because days may change when at uni, i kept it at hours instead of spcific days.
first few weeks, working to contract, all great...then they want to change 2 of the days which caused me a bit of hassle, but accomodated (nothing in writing)
changed again when off thru summer, but that was mutual so all fine and still paid for contracted hours even if not per contract.

now here lie the prob...when they changed one of the days it meant i was full that day, when i asked if this was going to be a set in stone day, they said no, will change again, they would try 'not' to need this day knowing it was most popular day....first few weeks back, all of other current mindees just upped their hours and requested some hours during this day for few weeks, said yes fine,then 1st mindees parents (a week later) requested same day so i had to say no, its full.....parents not happy, im not as flexable as i promised etc..sad
I ALWAYS ask for a minimum of 2 wks notice from all families of the hours they need, this has been agreed by all parties (although it seems not in writing on contract from this familyblush) because mindee upping hours gave 2 weeks and other mindee didnt the hours were no longer available...parents cant see where im coming from and now saying they cant give 2 weeks notice?..i explained as everyone else does, then they cant expect the hours they need to be readilly available for them?
Also as i work long hours for this family, fees change due to times...when i sent invoice recently, only basic was paid with no explanation, when i questioned, i was told but ou changed this and this?..they totally got wrong end of stick but didnt even bother asking which caused a ,lot of stress for me...anyway if youre still here and not asleepwink...theyre coming tonight to discuss...i definatly cant guarantee this particular day unless i get a variation as another current mindee is now taking up the afternoon on a permanent basis, so what the hell do i do / say????


thebody Fri 18-Sep-09 15:17:24

poor you frankly they seem like a pain in the arse and I would give them notice.. You seem to be able to fill your places and the job is hard enough without more hassle on top..

Some parents are apt to treat the cm as their own personal nanny and dont seem to realise that you have other parents and children to accommadate, also the issue of not paying you the full amount is another red flag or would be to me.

My advice.. get rid. good luck.

atworknotworking Fri 18-Sep-09 15:32:38

Either do a new contract and have set days and payment rates specified.

Or Get shot.

To be fair it sounds like you have had to jiggle around quite a bit for this family already, so unless they want to pay for full days everyday, they can't expect you to hang about and hope their shift changes to suit what you have, sounds like a total pita, especially when they don't even pay whats owed.

Just be firm I can do this but can't do that end of.

Good luck

frakkinpannikin Fri 18-Sep-09 16:04:48

Tell them they can pay you a FT space and you will always be available orr you can apply for a variation but may not get it and can't promise anything or they can leave.

Make them sign a new contract based on what they decide!

They do sound a pain in the neck, not the need for flexibility but the lack of respect they have for you.

PinkChick Fri 18-Sep-09 22:00:59

thanks everyone.

Didnt get very far tonight, parent apologised and said they were just worried what they would do if i couldnt accomodate, i re iterated that if they cant give more notice the hours may not be there, but said hopefully my variation would come through...

other mindee who had asked for every day (mornings) has today asked to change to 4 days afternoons, as id already promnised them mornings anyway didnt seem such a prob and mum said she could prob avoid the day everyone else wanted..however when she got home, uni had emailed her days..which obv DOES include the day everyone this child wants fixed hours, i will agree contract, this family i had prob with will only be able to have the day if variation comes through or just the morning, which means i may lose her altogether? and dp are going to talk about it over weekend...i have been getting lots of enquiries lately but all part time (ie: 1 day/1 = 2 hr session after school), however by taking these 2 new children on plus the extra hours ill get from the child doing 4 afternoons, if i did lose them id be down about £20 a week...if i was able to keep them im up about £85...but its past being about the money now, if i cant do it, i cant do it and im getting so much stress about it im not sure i can keep it the body said, im not their nanny, i work with 9 families and cant split myself into 3!

thebody Sat 19-Sep-09 13:01:18

totally agree, my criteria is,

a.. do they pay on time and without all the usual excuses.

b.. are the parents 'normal' and I dont need to explain this to any cm or nanny, you know what I mean.

The children are. the least of worries and usually settle well.

Good luck going forward.

atworknotworking Sat 19-Sep-09 13:19:31

thebody totally pmsl at B yep I know what you mean grin

I have the same formula.

Works very well

thebody Sat 19-Sep-09 14:50:02

ATWORKNOTWORKING.. glad you get it.. lol..

PinkChick Sat 19-Sep-09 23:03:15

LOL thebody, i do to...and..ermmmmmmm.....smilewink

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