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What to do with Nanny.

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RainaAnn Sat 12-Sep-09 20:59:39

She has been with us for over 3 years, the kids love her and they are very safe in her care. Now the kids are in school 30 hours / week, and I loved someone that I get along with better and is more motivated about the job.

She is a bit in a different world, not understanding the nanny market here (I'm in the USA, urban area near NYC). I discussed with her openly how the children are starting school and is she interested in taking over the housekeeping duties, or would she be more interested in working part time, or maybe getting another full time job all together.

Lately we've been having people call the house saying she owes them money, so clearly she is strapped for cash. But something simple like keeping the calendar updated with information about whether they napped or not, or whether she gave my daughter her medicine, she doesn't do regularly. I recently gave her this and she got so upset, that she does so much more and I don't appreciate etc..


Proposed Daily and Weekly Tasks:
Morning 7:30am-8:30am
1. Prepare Daily Snacks and Lunch
2. Children Dressed and Hair.
3. Brush Teeth.

While Kids are in School:
1. Unload of diswasher and reload of dirty dishes.
2. Daily Tidy up of Children's room and other child play areas.
3. Daily if needed throw out of trash/recycling.
4. Daily moving of water bottles in bedroom and other cups/plates to dishwasher.
1-3 times per Week:
1. 2-3 times per week Laundry of Children and put away.
2. Once per week laundry of Raina and put away.
3. Once per week change of children's sheets.
4. Once per week light food shopping.
5. Once per week toy organization.

Kids Home from School:
1. Dinner
2. Amanda Medicine (or in the morning)
3. Tidy up at 5pm (with children)
4. Update of Calendar with Medicine and naps.

Example Week:
Monday: Kids Laundry including Kids sheets, Daily tasks.
Tuesday: Grocery Shop, Daily tasks
Wednesday: Kids Laundry, Daily Tasks.
Thursday: Raina Laundry, Daily Tasks
Friday: Toy organization, Daily Tasks.

frakkinpannikin Sat 12-Sep-09 21:13:23

You're her employer and the children's mother, if you want those things done then that's the job and you need her to do it.

Things like not updating the calender would seriously worry me tbh. As a nanny I make sure that if I give any medicine it's done at the times specified, I note down the exact time and dose and make sure I show my boss. Personally I would expect to do children's laundry anyway and tidying up/organising toys. Some of the daily tasks are very housekeeperish but if she's happy to do it then

Sit down and talk things thorugh with her. Give her a specified length of time to get her act together but ultimately if you're not happy then look for someone else. She is there to do a job to help you, not cause you extra stress.

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