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Shorter Ofsted SEF has any one filled it out yet?

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kidsrus Thu 10-Sep-09 22:20:48

I am currently studying my NVQ level 3 in childcare and have been asked to fill the shorter version of the SEF in.
Has anyone already done one?
Can any one send me a link or a copy to a blank one?
It should be interesting to see how much shorter it is.

kidsrus Thu 10-Sep-09 23:26:08

bump! anyone please?

Katymac Thu 10-Sep-09 23:53:37

Didn't even know there was one....sorry

Scarfmaker Thu 10-Sep-09 23:56:13

Same here - if I'd known there was a shorter version I wouldn't have spent 5 hours doing the one I filled in.

Katymac Thu 10-Sep-09 23:58:53

5 Hours?? Mine took days shock

childmindermk Fri 11-Sep-09 07:43:16

Hi sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you but the supposed 'shorter SEF' is actually still 30 pages long! It is worded a bit differently but not much different really!
Also there is a new set of guidance notes for filling it in and that is also about 30 pages long!
It is on the OFSTED website but i struggled to find it so put it into google and found it that way.
The new one says 'published September 2009' on the front page at the bottom so you will know you have the right one!
Good luck everyone...and if anyone has a good way of filling it in then i would love to know the secrets!

alibubbles Fri 11-Sep-09 09:11:13

Here is the link if you want to download it and fill in by hand New SEF

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