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Is anyone a paid member of and able to do me a favour?

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girrafey Thu 10-Sep-09 16:46:55

I just wondered if anyone had the paid membership on and was wiling to do me a HHHUGGEEE favour.
I have seen a job that i would like to contact the parents about. however you have to pay to get the email address.
However i can not afford to pay that at this moment, and i am worried if i wait until i can ( a week or 2) i may have missed my chance. I don't live in a very "nanny" area so it would be just the contact details of this one family.
If anyone is willing to help me please email me on jolly _ holly 22 @ hotmail . com.
I must go as feeding time at the zoo! but shall come on again later this evening.
many thanks.

alibubbles Fri 11-Sep-09 09:06:50

I have not paid, nor intend to as they need to sort out the website a bit, such as being able to view "new people in your area" or able to turn those you have viewed a differnt colour, rather than scroll through hundreds each time.

Why not add them to your "favourites" and then the next time they log in they will see they are on your list. Also by looking at their profile they get sent an email saying " your profile has been looked at by so and so" if interested in you, they will email you.

I have had lots of people contact me, even though I am not interested in them, just because I looked at their profile!

Make your profile really interesting, profile plus is free and you can put your email address there, I have out my website address on it too.

SarahLondon1 Tue 22-Sep-09 14:43:37

Hi, I could help you with that amyjoy22 as I am a paying member. I'll send you an email.

alibubbles - you can now search for new people in your area after you have done a postcode search.

alibubbles Wed 23-Sep-09 11:02:36

sarah, if you do that then they are not nearest, so have to scroll through to find those nearest, seems that you can't have it both ways!

SarahLondon1 Fri 02-Oct-09 17:30:46

alibubbles - If you do a search by nearest using a postcode, you then click the 'sort by newest' link and it resorts the nearest list by newest members.

Sounds complicated, but all the newest members shown are still within 15 miles of you, so it does kind of show the list ordered by both newest and nearest.

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