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CM given 6 wks notice...plan b?

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joeyw Wed 09-Sep-09 18:35:15

DS1 is 2.5. DS/DD 2 is due Mar 10.
CM given 6 wks notice on her 2 days she has DS1. DS1 also does 2 days at nursery and one day at home with me.
Plan was for DS1 to drop nursery when i start mat leave and continue with CM for 2 days a week as she is local (walkable) and nursery a car journey away.
Now that's not an option, wondering whether to up his days in nursery to 4 and then try and manage the logistics somehow both now and when on mat leave. He will get pre-school place next sept (hopefully) so wont be as much of an issue then.
reluctant to find another CM as may be too much change for him - he has only been in current regime since Jan this year, and already had 2 CMs proir to that.
Anyone got any bright ideas. ?
No other nurseries in walking distance unfortunately.

nannynick Wed 09-Sep-09 19:03:36

Is your pregnancy going smoothly? Are you anticipating any problems following birth of DS2/DD1?

Is increasing nursery days until you go on maternity leave a possibility... dropping back to 2 days at nursery once on maternity leave?
Then once DS2/DD1 is born, reassess what your childcare needs will be.

joeyw Wed 09-Sep-09 20:32:46

that's kind of what i thought. not really anticipating any probs with pg or birth. last time i had a very smooth pg & easy birth. expect general stress and baby blues to be worse second time but other than that...
increasing nursery days is prob ok - awaiting confirmation from them tomorrow.
jsut will mean slightly more difficult drop offs and pick ups.

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