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jacksmaw Tue 08-Sep-09 22:04:48

I've just decided to give up work and bring up my son, and have registered as a childminder to keep the wolf from the door!!! What is the best way to advertise and show others that I've got vacancies??hmm

Katymac Tue 08-Sep-09 22:29:02

Well it must be a very small isn't tremendously profitable.

Umm are you in a city, town or village?

How much research have you done on your competition?

What are the local rates? How long have you been registered?

I'll come back with suggestions based on your answers

Wanderingsheep Tue 08-Sep-09 22:48:05

As soon as I was registered the someone from childcare information services paid me a visit. They do free advertising on Childcare Link.

Get to know other local CMs. They will pass people over to you when they are full. Have you thought about joining the local network? You have to have been registered for 6 months before you can join but you can express your interest to the coordinator.

Get business cards made up. You can get 500 for free on Ask if you can leave some in a children's centre or toddler group.

Go to as many toddler groups as you can (if your ds is of age obv). Tell people that you're registered as a cm. People are always looking.

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