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Any childminders around to talk to me about flexibility?

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Thequeensfool Mon 07-Sep-09 21:26:01

I have found a lovely childminder for the dc, as I will be starting a uni course in a few weeks time.

Thus far I only have a timetable for the first six weeks (which I am told are the most intensive in terms of scheduled hours). We have already verbally agreed times and days that she will look after the dc, which is mainly before and after school care,along with one full day with ds.

The nature of my course means that I will be undertaking clinical placements throughout the year with varying days/hours, and I have have no idea as of yet what these will be.

So, I know we will pretty much need long hours of care for this first couple of months, but it's tricky to anticipate how much this will change. We haven't seen her contract yet.

Can anyone advise about the likelihood of her being willing to accomodate our probable need for less hours, say in 3 months time? I understand that she will want to guarantee her income, but if/when we are able to reduce costs we obviously need to.

Any thoughts welcome.

danthe4th Mon 07-Sep-09 21:37:19

I would be very honest and guarantee your hours therefore her pay for the first two months and have the contract for 2 months only, with a review of hours every 2 months.If she can accomodate you she probably will but if someone else wants the days you want then you will have to offer to pay a retainer to hold them. Surely you have already told her this so she knows where she stands.The best you can do is keep her up to date as soon as you know any details so she can try to work with you.

Katymac Mon 07-Sep-09 21:37:20

When I did this (only once trainee midwife) I did annualised hours

We worked out what she needed over a 12 month period long bits & short bits (in the short bits I had minimum hours) then added it all up & divided by 12 - so I got the same amount each month

But TBH it was a very difficult time for both of us & it was quite stressful to manage - basically I 'lost' 2 spaces F/T (as I couldn't even use them for ad-hoc minding in case her hours suddenly changed) for not a tremendous amount of money


Thequeensfool Mon 07-Sep-09 21:41:34

Thanks. I will actually be a trainee midwife (eek!)

She is aware yes, but we've yet to finalise things. We're meeting this week to hopefully get things more fully sorted.

So asking for our contract to guarantee at least two months of x amount of hours and then working out the rest as soon as I get my yearly planner - you think that would be okay?

PinkChick Mon 07-Sep-09 23:08:13

Hi, I look after a child of a trainee midwife and we manage just fine...i AM however much more tolerant of short notice hours than most i know, but there is a mutual respect, she 'asks' if i can work an extra early/late/day this week if somethign changes but knows if i cant i cant...i get little notice of days BUT we agreed a minimum hours ( i do this with all in similar situations)..sometimes she uses over and above, sometimes just what shes asked for and sometimes very few, but im holding a full time space here for her and it IS tricky to work around..but it does work fine for me..her dc is now in full time school however so not taking up an under 5's REAL full time space...just explain it like you have here and ask what she suggests, keep it pen and honest from the off and you'll be fine 8-)

Thequeensfool Tue 08-Sep-09 20:16:27

Thanks PinkChick. I'm hoping that I'll be able to plan enough to give her good notice etc, I think my main concern is not needing her as much as as I initially think I will iyswim?

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