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Emergency Nanny or childcare!! Hackney London

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Abbyx Sat 05-Sep-09 21:01:52

I am self employed designer, living and working in Hackney..up until now I have managed to look after dd and juggle work with much help from grannies!
Daughter is now 16months and has only been looked after by immediate family...
I am in the middle of completing a project with Granny scheduled for various dates over the next 2-3 weeks..but I have just had a phone call from Grannie who is now nursing a broken wrist!
This has certainly forced the childcare issue, perhaps one that I have been avoiding, I am looking for an immediate but sensitive solution for dd, and perhaps a more long term solution providing care for 1 day, 2 half days?

Can anyone offer help or advice!
Do nannies /childminders work on a more casual basis or is it set days and times every week, I appreciate the latter probably being a much better solution for chid x

milknosugarplease Sun 06-Sep-09 10:30:53

hi, dont know if this is any help but anyway!

i currently am working as a nanny for a lovely family in islington, as of october i will be working 3 days per week (tues wed thurs) so am available on monday and friday.

i have a full and clear CRB check, have level 2 health and social care and also level 2 childcare.
i've been working with children for the last 6 years (im now 21) ive worked with children from 0-12 years old, babysitting, nurseries etc.

currently my hours are a bit all over the place as mum is still on maternity leave, but if there are any particular dates you need feel free to email me at

(it's e underscore l underscore underscores dont seem to come up on here!!)

hope i can help

milk (emma)

Oligo Sun 06-Sep-09 18:23:26

hi, i nanny one day a week in Hackney caring for a 14 month old girl and we might be able to offer some shared possibly ad hoc hours that day depending on where exactly you are and other things. If interested please contact nextoutrage atyahoo dotco dot uk.

BabyBaby123 Sun 06-Sep-09 19:58:10

Hi, I could help. I am a registered childminder with a vacancy and would be very happy with the set up you describe. Email me happybunny27 at hotmail dot co dot uk if you are interested.

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