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registered childminder fees

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imamumof3 Wed 02-Sep-09 13:27:32

Hi I am in the process of becoming a registered childminder, I was wondering if anybody knew what the average prices for Sept 2009 are. I would like to know the daily fees for 8-6 under and over 2s. I live in West London.

Thank you in advance grin

danthe4th Wed 02-Sep-09 13:34:25

Have a look on your local page where all the childminders are registered and advertise their prices.

imamumof3 Wed 02-Sep-09 14:23:39

Hi I have just looked on there and I can't see anything. Thanks for your help.

nannymcphee Wed 02-Sep-09 22:21:43

I used to live in SW London and charged approx £7 ph - but only had one child plus one of my own to look after. If you have several children, you may have to go cheaper (but not much - you're worth it!) I've never charged a different rate for different ages though - is that common practice?

imamumof3 Thu 03-Sep-09 09:44:32

Well as I've seen alot of people out of London are charging more for under 2s. Thank you NannyMcphee for your reply.

hayley26d Thu 03-Sep-09 14:01:17

Hi im a childminder and i charge £4 per child per hour all ages. Im in Newcastle upon tyne though

pinkdelight Thu 03-Sep-09 16:31:04

Dunno about per hour, but mine charges £45 a day (8-6) for under 2s in SW London which I believe is average.

pinkdelight Thu 03-Sep-09 16:32:06

And there's a discount for full-timers: £200 per week. Guess you'd charge a bit more in West London, depending how posh your area is.

alibubbles Fri 04-Sep-09 09:04:48

In Herts as part of the registration process, you have to do a feasibility study, showing that you have researched the area you are in, the average fees, and whether you will be able to sustain your business.

You may have to look at a lot of c/m's details on the FIS as not all put there fee scale on their details, as they are often individual to each family and contract.

alibubbles Fri 04-Sep-09 09:07:27

oops, their fees, not there - how did that happen?

Jackmummy Fri 04-Sep-09 13:26:19

I'm SE london and around here its £4.50 to £6 per hour depending on CM's qualifications, experience etc.

missslc Sat 05-Sep-09 03:58:57

£3.50 an hour in zone 5 london- glad i live down here not west london

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