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CM Club: Displaying Registration Certificates

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Katymac Tue 01-Sep-09 13:07:01

I now have 4 x 2 page reg certs to display

I have no room to fit them

Any ideas how I can 'display' them as per instructions?

atworknotworking Tue 01-Sep-09 13:13:11


Feature wall

Laminate and make table mats / coasters

Shrink to fit (and attach a magnifying glass to said document)

Integrate into the childrens displays

Got the same prob although I just have two, I had to relocate my Information board angry caused all sorts of problems, do you think I should write to complain about continuity for the children and their total lack of consideration?

atworknotworking Tue 01-Sep-09 13:13:43

Oooh thought of one

Screen print them onto your T shirt

atworknotworking Tue 01-Sep-09 13:15:19

But seriously does that mean 8 pages shock I would hang a display book on the notice board, then they are their if anyone wants to look at 8 pages of bumph.

badgerhead Tue 01-Sep-09 13:16:05

You could put them back to back in flimsy wallets & hang those on a pin board, or you could photocopy them (I do anyway for the display copies) & put them on a pin board, when you photocopy you could reduce the size of them (if you have that facility) therefore reducing the space they take up.

Katymac Tue 01-Sep-09 14:07:36

8 *** pages yes

I hate certificates

danthe4th Fri 04-Sep-09 14:45:01

I would laminate them putting them back to back so 4 pages, put a hole punch through, thread some string and hang on the notice board.

Katymac Sat 05-Sep-09 07:30:27

I guess plastic wallets is the way to go

It looks so tacky sad

missymoo2411 Sun 06-Sep-09 18:05:36

well i put mine in a plastic wallet on the inside of my cm resorse cupboard also my first aid certificate an who to contact regarding safe garding children at last ofsted inspection she said this was fine as it was tecnically still on display i did this has had a visit from a women who took my ey number and used it without taking up any child care so now i have it hidden .also my house still looks like a house ....

flopalong Sun 06-Sep-09 18:18:19

I put mine in a display file and show parents when they 1st come or as I get new ones. You only HAVE to display the ofsted one and ofsted poster. I think so anyway. Let look at the EYFS AGAIN

navyeyelasH Sun 06-Sep-09 19:28:13

Can you shrink them down with 4 on each sheet of a4 then frame them? Not sure what's on them and if it could be read that small though (a6).

I can shrink them down if you send me a copy if you like?

Katymac Sun 06-Sep-09 20:42:24

Thanks - I hadn't thought of that but I could put them both on a sheet of A4 (so I only have 4 to display - I can fit that) then put a copy in each Welcome Pack for parents

navyeyelasH Sun 06-Sep-09 22:02:58

KAtymac on a tangent but can I ask what you put in your welcome pack and how long it is? I am thinking of doing one soon!

Katymac Sun 06-Sep-09 22:37:35

Too long

Do you want one? I can email it?

navyeyelasH Sun 06-Sep-09 22:59:54

Ohh would you mind? It's Do you want some money for it or something?

Katymac Mon 07-Sep-09 07:42:46

Don't be silly

If I charge I have to insure this you know how much that costs???

navyeyelasH Thu 10-Sep-09 20:07:28

Hey KAtyMac I just checked my email and have you email, thank you so much this is really helpful.

Didn't think abot insurance costs, nothing is ever easy is it?!

Katymac Thu 10-Sep-09 21:23:08

Hope it helps

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