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How much does a good nanny in London cost?

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aliceemma Mon 31-Aug-09 11:14:00

How much do you think you need to pay for a good live-out nanny in centralish London (zone 2) with lots of experience of looking after small babies?

Also can anyone recommend any good nanny agencies?

nannyj Mon 31-Aug-09 11:21:31

All the nannies i know who have good experience and do full time hours are on £550ish a week net. HOpe that helps.

frakkinpannikinAGRIPPA Mon 31-Aug-09 11:36:28

I wouldn't work in central London for much less than £450/week net. 5 years experience, 3 jobs with very tiny babies and 1 who was 9 months at start.

nannynick Mon 31-Aug-09 11:57:40

Have a look at some job adverts to see what is being offered - - Job Search Results: Nanny, London, Live-Out

I wouldn't be surprised if you were looking at £35,000 Gross per year (about £500 net per week). Employers NI on that is around £3,800... so bringing your cost closer to £40,000 with adding on some weekly kitty for activities/outings.

limonchik Mon 31-Aug-09 12:36:23

I've seen a few daily jobs advertised around the £400 net mark, but also lots up to £550.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 31-Aug-09 12:52:45

fulltime as nick said is about £35k if you want sometome with lots of baby exp

which works out about £500nett

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