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Honest answers please Cm Club.

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minderinbrighton Thu 27-Aug-09 14:45:36

Ok so i have a baby coming tomorrow for settling in , its his 4th session and hes due to start full time in a couple of weeks.
He just doesnt settle!
he has not been left before with anyone other than mum and dad!
he screams fom the minute he gets here till the minute he goes home.
I try consolling him but this doesnt work.
On his last session i just ended up totally ignoring his screams as nothing was settling him.
what would you all do?
He is 11 months.

nbee84 Thu 27-Aug-09 15:08:04

Loud music to dance around the room to
Sometimes food - put something tasty in front of him
Get Mum or Dad to leave something of theirs with him that smells of them - silk scarf, a jumper or something

mumlove Thu 27-Aug-09 16:15:40

Go out for a walk in the buggy.

AvadaKedavra Thu 27-Aug-09 16:19:58

Can you up the amount/frequency/duration of settling in sessions?
Take comfort in the fact that he will eventually settle, takes some kids longer than others and of course 9-11m is a tricky age for being away from mum.

Staying close to home and lots of quiet time and reading/cuddles/watching a bright and noisy cartoon thing (babytv good for this) - do you take care of other children too? Don't forget them will you, very annoying/distressing/loud etc for them too and they may resent it spoiling their fun with you.

Summerfruit Thu 27-Aug-09 16:42:46

Hi Minder !

I completely understand how you feel but I promise you there is a light !

I have been childminding for almost a year and a half, and the last past 6 months I had to deal with babies difficult to settle.

1rst one was started with me in february and I really felt he was settled in june, it does take a lot of patience but you can do it !! I used to say this little boy everyday the same, like Mummy is at work, daddy is at work but they 'll come to pick you up and a lot of cuddles too. Now he is a really confident boy who is the soul of the party !

2nd one - He has started settling with me since middle of june, it was really hard, he was crying all the time, wanting to be in the arms all the time...after almost 2 months, he is crying sometimes (mostly when I put him on the floor or in the high chair)but overall, I feel he is happier than he was 2 months ago...

You'll get there..if like me you had babies/children who had no difficulties to settle I completely understand how it can be hard sometimes !

shoshe Thu 27-Aug-09 17:18:20

From October till April (9 months - 15 months)
MindeeM screamed, refused to be comforted/distracted anything, would only eat, drink if I wasnt in the room, (had to put things on her highchair make sure she was strapped in and walk out of the room.

Slept only in very short naps, would not move from the spot I sat her down at, although Mum said she was cruising, actually saw it for myself once when I had taken another child to the toilet, came back in she was standing at the table, sat straight back down and screamed, in short it was a nightmare.

Then one day whilst at the swimming pool, she fell asleep in my arms in the water.

We got home and she smiled at me, and hasnt stopped since.

She has just been away for a month and I was expecting the screaming again, but no, came in with her arms out and a big grin.

I cant tell you what worked, it just seemed that things clicked into place with us, nand that was it she settled.

minderinbrighton Thu 27-Aug-09 18:27:53

Thanks for your replies people. smile
I should have said that ive been minding for almost 10 years but have NEVER in that time had child that has been so tricky to settle.
ive tried all the usual things.....bringing in something that smells of home,food,drink,T.V etc etc....even The Baby Einstein fail safe DVD doesnt work! grin
He is fine when we are out and about but i cant be out from 8-6 every day!
Avada, good point re other mindees, i have one 6 yr old who gets very upset when babies cry but luckily i have a large garden the older ones can escape to when the going gets tough! wink

Shose- please dont tell me this is going to go on for months?! grin

AvadaKedavra Thu 27-Aug-09 22:13:26

Also consider the other parents view that you can't really be giving their own children the full attention they are paying for if you have a screamer, sometimes it's best to admit defeat and give notice to the baby.

minderinbrighton Fri 28-Aug-09 07:54:59

Avada, i think giving notice is a bit harsh just now as hes not actually started with me yet! grin hes just doing settling in.

Summerfruit Fri 28-Aug-09 08:35:44

Hi Minder !
I dont know if you have the little one today but if yes, just wanted to wish you good luck !

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