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Going back to childinding after 6 years!!!!!!

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deb0367 Sun 23-Aug-09 18:24:43

Hi out there,at present i work nights(supermarket)and is good money.But am finding myself increasingly feeling fed up.Due to the pre reg meetings,and all the training that awaits me to go into childminding seems to be held in the evenings, i am going to try and swop from nights to days. BUT then i am worried how to phase from the job i have at present to childminding, as i cannot just pack my present job in, to wait for the minding to start up. If my first minding job was full time, say 8am till 5pm, mon to fri, that would be super, as i could earn a similar amount.It's alot to think about, a crystal ball would be handy. Any one else in a similar pickle??hmm

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