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Leaving present idea's for 2 boys age 4 & 6?

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michvb Sat 22-Aug-09 00:22:19

I'm a nanny about to finish current position and now becoming desperate for idea's for a leaving present for the boy's I care for.

Usually I would do somethng like a scrapbook of art they've done with me or photo's of activies we've done plus small gift of whatever their current favourite topic is,

But their mum has already kept a significant amount of art activities and has many photo's of us doing things and they have everything toy activity wise a child could wish for.

Any ideas gratefully received.
Thank you.

brimfull Sat 22-Aug-09 01:04:16

venus flytrap

bit weird

ds loves his

or nice book

danthe4th Sat 22-Aug-09 07:15:36

Membership to the junior section of RSPB and binoculars, they get a free gift which you choose I chose the bird book and they get a free magazine quarterly. My 2 ds's age 7 and 4 love it.

michvb Sat 22-Aug-09 08:08:32

Thanks! membership idea great will do something with trains as they both steam train obsessed!!

Book idea good too but these guys have more books than the local library!

Thanks again

nannynick Sat 22-Aug-09 09:23:34

Not sure what you can get steam train related... some steam railways do annual passes / life-time passes but those will be very expensive.

You mentioned photos - maybe getting a photo of both of them Themed by Enhance Me to a Train Theme (not sure if Victoria has one, send her an e-mail and ask - she may be able to create it for you), then you could use the resulting digital image to make things like a Jigsaw.

As they are train fans... do they have Train Jigsaws of their name. Maybe something to look at.

Also a bit weird:
I got a 6 year old a collection of plastic pipes (varying in length from 1/2 metre to 1 metre, and varying in diameter) for use in the bath. Also found a plastic hand pump. These have been a hit with all 3 children in their household who at that time ranged in age from 3 to 8. A small local independent hardware store is where you will find plastic pipes (you will probably need to ask at the desk as they are not a popular item).

michvb Sat 22-Aug-09 10:20:00

Thanks for your ideas you got me looking in another direction and remembered ebay!! lots of steam train gifts there!!
and none too exspensive either

milknosugarplease Sun 23-Aug-09 20:30:41

hiya, dont know whereabouts you live but is there anywhere that you can ride on a steam train?> take them for a leaving day out IYKWIM?


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