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feeding charge

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HannahLockwood Sat 28-May-05 19:01:39

I have 2 charges one 2 and one 5 who eat pretty much anything. I have made a baked bean and sausage pie lol....would u object as a parent if I gave your child this?

HannahLockwood Sat 28-May-05 19:02:00

Its with puff pastry by the way

KatieMac Sat 28-May-05 19:05:29

Well I think it sounds lovely......

feelingold Sat 28-May-05 19:10:14

As long as my kids were fed a varied diet and ate some vegatables/fruit during the day I would not object. I do not think it harms kids to eat sausages, chips etc as long as it is not everyday and as long as they eat healthy things too.

HannahLockwood Sat 28-May-05 20:02:36

well it went down a treat, little one asked for more and now they're all vegged out on the sofa!!!

NannyL Sat 28-May-05 23:08:05

well im a nanny, and as long as i give them a balance diet over all the mum doesnt care what i make them

(oh and no reconstituted 'meat' (crap!!!) which TBH i wouldnt even dream of giving them or purchasing any way, cause theres no way i would put it in my mouth, and as i eat with them, they wont get it either!)

Im very lucky cause i have to kids who eat almost EVERYTHING (except tuna!) and just LOVE their veg!

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