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new in town help

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mechelew Wed 19-Aug-09 20:13:21

hi all iv never been on sites like this but was recomended from a good friend i need some childcare help im moving to dalgety bay in september with my 4yr old son i work as a agency nurse and do such silly shift mostly lates and nights was wondering if there is such a thing as flexi care in the dalgety bay area

nannynick Wed 19-Aug-09 22:37:17

Never heard of dalgety bay - google says it's in Scotland. Therefore if you are looking for a childminder, visit for details of your local Families Information Centre. If you are wanting overnight care, you will need to find a Childminder registered for Overnight Care - most childminders are not registered for that, thus you will need to ask.

Useful message threads:
Mums Wanting Childcare
Mumsnet Childminder Vacancies - this lists Mumsnetters who are childminders and details what spaces they have.

Not sure what you are meaning by Flexi Care. Some childcare providers may be prepared to work at a variety of times of day, but many Childminders will be parents with their own children so you will need to fit around the hours that they childmind.

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