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Anyone selling an ABC everest buggy?

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dizzynconfused Mon 17-Aug-09 20:01:21

Im just wondering if anyone knows anyone who is selling one of these buggys, either just the double or the double with the double or single seat on top? Im due to be minding 4 children under 5 from next month and finding one of these would be really handy! Please let me know? thanks xx grin

danthe4th Mon 17-Aug-09 20:57:32

Check out the 4 seater bus!! and they do one similar to the abc on the site and follow the link to the quad buggys

AvadaKedavra Mon 17-Aug-09 20:59:15

I know someone with two ( I think!) so will direct her to this in case she is getting rid of one

danthe4th Mon 17-Aug-09 21:01:14

There is also one similar on fleabay item no130324662493, sorry can't seem to get links to work

SillyMillysMummy Mon 17-Aug-09 23:15:18

Beware of that ebayseller millimoos. I know alot of people that have had loads of problems with her. I wouldn't touch her stuff with a bargepole and it's way overpriced. Someone on the pushchairs board had just advertised one. Gtg

AvadaKedavra Tue 18-Aug-09 09:57:36

agree with SMM, steer WELL CLEAR of Milliemoos, although beware she is a MNer too. SHe's psycho.

dizzynconfused Tue 18-Aug-09 12:10:32

oh ok, ill avoid that one then lol!

Avadakedavra that would be great if you could find out if your friend is selling.
Think im a bit late to grab the one on the board sad

AvadaKedavra Tue 18-Aug-09 12:47:23

She's not, sorry!

SillyMillysMummy Tue 18-Aug-09 14:52:26

if it helps, they are great grin i already have one, but have asked to buy the one on the for sale board as i would love a reclining seat

BrieVanDerKamp Tue 18-Aug-09 16:09:40

what is the web address for this fleabay, i put it into search and I don't think the right thngs came up

AvadaKedavra Tue 18-Aug-09 16:17:34

fleabay = "affectionate" name for ebay

AvadaKedavra Tue 18-Aug-09 16:17:35

fleabay = "affectionate" name for ebay

BrieVanDerKamp Tue 18-Aug-09 16:39:01

Oh I see, how stupid am I, I was thinking it was some cheap copy of ebay

AvadaKedavra Tue 18-Aug-09 18:06:09


SillyMillysMummy Tue 18-Aug-09 21:25:14

dizzy, I am next on the list for the mn one, but like i said i already have one blush I am after it for the top seat really, if you are still looking email me annamarierichardson at yahoo dot co dot uk

mel2005 Tue 18-Aug-09 22:45:55

the green one on e-bay for £365 she bought for £21.77 + £20 postage on the 6th aug!!! and just added a toddler seat!! £100ish new but that ones secondhand.
gutted the one on the board wouldnt fit in the car.

AvadaKedavra Wed 19-Aug-09 13:24:10

wowsers, I'm all for making a profit but that's just extortionate!

dizzynconfused Mon 24-Aug-09 10:11:55

sillymillysmummy, ive emailed you a few days ago, did you receive it? am still interested, thanks hun

SillyMillysMummy Wed 26-Aug-09 21:53:52

Sorry Hun yes I did, been majorly busy and Internet probs etc etc. Will hopefully get online to reply tomorrow as am just replying on my phone just now and it takes ages! Lol

ponymad Fri 25-Sep-09 19:37:48

Am also looking for an ABC double buggy with toddler seat on top.
If anyone is selling please let me know.

ponymad Sat 26-Sep-09 08:33:46

ponymad has now bought a buggy.

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