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The funniest things mindees say - today I have been in hysterics!

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TheIronLady Mon 17-Aug-09 14:28:58

I have been laughing for most of the day today at some of the things my 3 mindees have been saying today and thought I'd share with you all, they are lying here on their little mattressess looking at books and I am hoping they may get 30 mins nap (then I can grab a cuppa)!

This morning mindee one who is 2.4 sitting down to breakfast sneezes, mum passes him tissue, she is about to walk out the door and mindee says to me 'want to give x (me) bogey, grin oh thank you I said, how lovely - mindee follows on by saying, it's brown, oh yes so it is, well done.

Mindee two 2.3 said, I want to give bogey, want tissue, I give her tissue, she says heres bogey, Oh lovely I said that is so nice of you to share with me grin

Walking to park, having conversation about worms and soil, when we get to park, they all run over to soil, mindee one says, look x, there's a grey worm, I stupidley search for the grey worm, then he says, look there's a red one, oh a blue one, a green one and so on going through all the colours!

They are all at the age where they are all aware and identifying certain parts of their bodies so they have recently learnt whatever words their parents call 'those' parts. Mindee one and his parents call his parts by the 'proper' word so as we were walking back from the park, he said x (other mindee) is a penis, (hope I'm aloud to say that on here)but what he meant was x has a penis but of course she doesn't grin; I then had to go through all the different names that all the parents use by saying no, x has a xxxxxx and x has a xxxxxx and you have a xxxxxx because girls have bla bla bla - oh what a funny day, I have been laughing most of the day, they are such funny little things smile

catepilarr Mon 17-Aug-09 14:47:24

ohi know what you mean,the little one here is three in november and we laugh constantly.

HSMM Mon 17-Aug-09 16:56:32

My 7 yr old mindee asked me if I would be his 1st girlfriend today grin

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