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Staff Room W/C 17th Aug.

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mumlove Mon 17-Aug-09 08:36:51

Hello I am back to work this morning after 2 weeks off once mindees arrive!

Going to a local park this morning with friends.

Have a good day smile

Katymac Mon 17-Aug-09 09:23:16

Morning busy day today - I am getting caught up with paperwork

No children today apart from ds, it's raining outside - what a fab heatwave this is....not sad

atworknotworking Mon 17-Aug-09 10:15:26

Raining here too sad

Kids playing monopoly, wish the money was real

HSMM Mon 17-Aug-09 16:58:06

DD age 10 away this week, so no minding assistant for me sad

RosieGirl Mon 17-Aug-09 17:49:50

Know how you feel HSMM, didn't realise how helpful my DD was until she went off with her GP's last week, glad to have her back today.

mumlove Mon 17-Aug-09 18:17:53

I only had 2 mindees in the end this morning grin. The other 2 cancelled and only 1 on tues & wed.

Weather here was grey clouds until around 12.30pm then the sun came out. You are all welcome to come and play at mine grin.

atworknotworking Tue 18-Aug-09 07:22:50

Going to see accountant this am, should be interesting hmm

My sister brought a hawk for the children to see yesterday, we had a hold and a bit stroke he was really cute. Lots of poop on the patio though.

Just one mindee today so a nice quite day, off to an activity at the park this pm.

Have a good one

Katymac Tue 18-Aug-09 07:50:51

I think I have about 12 children today 8 are under 3 <<gulp>>

I just need to get through 'til 6 - I am tired already just thinking about it

Littlepurpleprincess Tue 18-Aug-09 08:46:44

wow. Good luck!

Still no mindees here but finally got new house in a reasonable state so I can begin advertising in my new area!

I have a random question for you CMs that have been doing this longer than I have.

What do your mindees do when your cooking dinner?

DS is being very challenging at this time of day atm. He has a sticker chart and I get something fun out for him to do but it's hard work. What do you do?

HSMM Tue 18-Aug-09 09:29:04

I make sure they are given something new and exciting to do, which will hopefully let me get on with dinner. Sometimes this is just scrubbing the life out of the dining table, so it is clean for dinner time grin. I am forever switching off the stove, to go and deal with something though, so it doesn't always work.

Littlepurpleprincess Tue 18-Aug-09 09:43:38

Yeah DS is constantly inturupting me. Thankyou for you advice.

Numberfour Tue 18-Aug-09 10:29:19

i am struggling to keep control......

i am NOT enjoying having the children at the mo
i feel i have no time for myself
we cannot afford to go away
my house is a state and there is tons to clean up
DS is being ignored most of the time in favour of the children
my closest friend i could tell all of this to is abroad

i just want to crumple in a heap and cry!!!!


so you lovely lot have to listen to Mrs Misery Guts!!

mumlove Tue 18-Aug-09 14:17:38

No.4 - I am here for you lots of {{hugs}} coming your way. We all have times like this and I made mine better this holiday by asking my schoolies to go to a holiday club, it means I am £120 down a week on money but no stress or shouting I feel so much better.

HSMM Tue 18-Aug-09 15:53:51

Numberfour - I know exactly how you feel. My house is a tip and my currently unemployed husband just keeps telling me what hasn't been done! To top it all, I thought it would make me feel better about ignoring DD if I sent her to her cousins for a week, but I am REALLY missing her (she is having a great time).

Still, the kids are lovely (if loud) and it is nearly September.

Numberfour Tue 18-Aug-09 16:10:49

thanks, mumlove and HSMM

my mindees both leave by 3 so it is not as if I am worked to the bone! but being a bit blue, i cannot bring myself to do much at all.

anyway, we are hoping to to away for the weekend (if £££ allows.....)

Katymac Fri 21-Aug-09 08:53:25

Last day

I'm off on holiday tomorrow & I can't wait

I am so tired

mumlove Fri 21-Aug-09 09:23:56

Katy - Have a lovely time and make sure you get some rest.

I am off to the bournemouth air show today smile. Then going to my sisters for the weekend.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

leonifay Fri 21-Aug-09 17:09:56

AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH what a week but i'm so glad its over.

i hope you have fun on holiday katy

nannynick Fri 21-Aug-09 18:36:06

Have a good holiday Katy. I've just come back from holiday. I've been having Mumsnet Withdrawal Symptoms as my net connection whilst away was a bit poor/unreliable - thus why I haven't posted much.

mumlove - hope your sister treats you as a guest at her home... then you can have a weekend of rest. Think we may all need that... I know I do!

No4 hope the week got better. My house is a mess as well - got back from holiday and it became immediately obvious that my place was a tip. Will mean a weekend of cleaning lots I think, plus going through the mountain of post (expect most of it is junk mail).

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