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childminder or nursery- not the usual question though!

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diffrentid Sat 15-Aug-09 16:04:15

Ive changed my name to keep my normal on private if anyone recognises me!

Im a nursery nurse on maternity leave. I have 2 dds. dd1 is at school and very happy with her childminder. I am very happy with the childminder and Im very happy that dd2 will be going to her when I return to work.

But when I go back I will be working 3 and a half days a week, so I will be picking up dd1 from school on my half day and during the holiday she will go to the childminder.

What do people think about the idea of putting dd2 in to my nursery for that half a day?

The main reason is I think is that I would rather stay at home but cant so leaving her for three days feels more comfortable than leaving her for 3 and a half iyswim.

It also means that I can just go straight from work to pick up dd1, and when the childminder is on holiday or unwell (which has never happened since dd1 started going) I would be able to put dd2 in for extra sessions.

I dont want to upset the childminder because I wouldnt want her to think it was anything to do with her or the way she looks after either dd.

Sorry its a bit rambling and I hope that makes sense but what do people think?

leonifay Sat 15-Aug-09 16:25:21

i dont quite understand what you mean, but if its easier for you then i cant see why not. your cm will understand, its a business decision not personal.

diffrentid Sat 15-Aug-09 16:42:11

It more what would be best for dd2, I dont know if I just want her with me when it would really be better for her if she stayed with the childmonder all of the time.

We are quiet a big nursery and with the childminder she would be the only child there during the day so she would have a lot more one to one, and she would have the continuity of care where as just one day at nursery isnt very much really and I dont know if its enough to settle.

I dont think I explained myself very well! Im just not sure and dithering quiet a bit about it! I dont want to do something because it makes me feel better if its not the best thing for her

atworknotworking Sat 15-Aug-09 16:54:25

I think you have to do whats best for your family and dc's, however as a cm I don't do shared care, especially now that eyfs is to do, as it's a lot of work if you just have mindee a couple of days a week, your cm will have to liase with the nursery as well, so I suppose if she is prepared to do this then it shouldn't be a problem.

With my mum hat on I wouldn't put my dd into nursery for only 1/2 a day, not many nurseries I know of would take a child for such a short session, but I guess if you work there it would be different.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 15-Aug-09 17:03:34

You want to send your DD to the CM for 3 days and have her with you at work for the half day? It is a psychological problem really rather than a real one as you won't really be with your DD on the half whatever you do. you will just be in the same building but you will be expected to do your job, not just look after your DD. I think you should leave your DD with the CM for the 3 1/2 days.

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