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Helping host fam find a new AP?

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PixiNanny Fri 14-Aug-09 20:31:37

I've finally got a leaving date down for my host family and will be leaving at Christmas, but am happy to come back for a week to help new AP settle in and they're going to start the search for a new AP in September (I assume they said at least 3 months before!), so I was wondering, how involved do you think I should be in their search? They've asked if any of my PGL mates are looking for work but I'm really unsure how involved I should be? Do you AP employers prefer your AP to stay out of it, or help out a bit with it? I'll happily help them find someone, let her have my room for a weekend if they want her to visit and chat to her about their expectations and things, but I don't know if I should offer too or not? Would it annoy you if your AP got too involved?

catepilarr Fri 14-Aug-09 21:05:00

why dont you as YOUR family what they want? i think that is a very personal thing and people will have different views on it.

Millarkie Fri 14-Aug-09 21:30:19

Yes, I would discuss it with your hosts and see what they prefer.
I know that we usually take advantage of a change in childcarer to review the job description and would prefer the outgoing nanny/au pair not to give too many details to the new one, simply to avoid there being a discrepancy between what they say they curretnly do and what we say we would like the new one to do. On the other hand, I like our current au pair to be able to talk to new au pair about how they found living in our area, and things that people of their age would know e.g. good pubs/clubs, that I would have no idea about.

blueshoes Fri 14-Aug-09 22:18:05

Agree that you should check with your host family as to what they prefer. Feel free to offer, it is kind of you.

I have not involved my aupairs in the search because I look for very specific things which I don't necessarily feel is nice to discuss with them. Plus, I will take the opportunity to screen out things I might have found annoying in her (as I am sure she would have found things annoying about us).

However, I do ask her for the mobile phones of aupairs nearby, any tips she could share with the aupair eg getting around, which I then include in the handbook, and whether she would be happy to provide a reference if the new aupair asked.

catepilarr Fri 14-Aug-09 23:34:41

hi blushoes, now i am curious about all those things you dont want to discuss with your old ap about the new ap ;)

PixiNanny Sat 15-Aug-09 00:31:21

I definately will speak to them about it, but I preferred the MN Jury to give me an idea of what they preferred before I blurted out with anything that may be bad in their eyes grin I'll be careful about what I say and offer to get out of the way if they want her round for a visit and help with the kids, etc, I'll hint at the search (as DB has asked me if I knew anybody) and see if they want me involved

Thank you

And lol at the screening out the annoying bits, I reckon my 'kitchen hygiene' will be something DB will try sort with next AP, though he always comes home as I'm just about to start it! Honestly! grin I'm actually a nut for food hygiene, I just don't bother cleaning up the saucepans until a bit later in the evening after dinner so I have a chance to let food go down (usually as DB is walking through the door!) blush

FeatheredHeart Sat 15-Aug-09 10:27:47

Very nice of you to offer. Then let them decide.

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