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If a CM is new and has no ofstead report?

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makedoandmend Thu 13-Aug-09 18:46:46

One of the CMs I'm looking at set up in May and hasn't had a report done yet. Is there anything in particular I should look out for with a new CM? Also am I right in thinking they will have had a thorough inspection from ofstead to register - just not the published one?

atworknotworking Thu 13-Aug-09 19:04:39

Yes they have a safety check which is like an initial Ofsted visit where they check the safety of the cm's premises, make suggestions etc.

If the cm in newly registered they will still need to have all of the relevant paperwork, so check for paediatric first aid (12hr course, not the short one) CRB checks for all residents over 16yrs, Public Liability Insurance, Car Insurance, ICP course, Other qualifications, Risk assessments for the home and outings, Policys & Proceedures, Ask about how the minder intends to deliver EYFS etc.

I would also ask to see some proof that she is waiting for her registration, like a letter from ofsted the cm should have some correspondance indicating this.

danthe4th Thu 13-Aug-09 19:05:12

They will have been checked and the house inspected by ofsted, They will have the full inspection usually within 6 months of first taking on children. Just ask the same questions as normal, ask if she will do a daily diary,and check she has class 1 business for her car,she will probably show you her insurance anyway.Ask where she intends to take the children.You could ask what training she has been on and what training she intends to go on, whether she has her nvq3 or equivalent as she will have to have it within the next few years to be able to continue minding. But if its early days for her I would give her a chance as its quite daunting when you first start, I learnt so much in the first few months and my first parents were really helpful telling me what they liked and what they felt worked well.

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