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have got myself in a bit of a mess...advise please!

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5uper5tar Mon 10-Aug-09 15:26:10

So here goes, bear with me its a bit complicated. Id had an enquiry about looking after a little one, couldnt do it at the time but met the Mum and said if anything came up I would let her know. Something did come up and we met again with hubby, i did an introductory session which went well, a few weeks later she came round to sign contracts. When it came to the hours they were different to what I had thought she said, it went from being 6hours at a fixed time every week to being maybe 5hours but at different times from week to week. I was a bit flawed but carried on regardless thinking we would make it work. It wasnt until later that the enormity of it hit me and I realised it totally wasnt what I wanted to do...the time change on off weeks meant that I would end up with lots of after schoolers plus a baby to look after...the thing is I dont mind doing lots of afterschoolers if I am hands free,i.e no baby but lots of afterschoolers plus a baby makes me nervous to say the least....when I say a lot I mean 8 plus my own 3 so you can understand where im coming from! i spent a night worrying myself sick about it before realising i had to do what was best for me so i rang the next day, explained how i felt and apologised profusely. I also asked her if there was any way either her or her hubby could change their working times to make it work but was told almost categorically no.
Knowing this I later on offered the place to another lady that had been after my services, she came round and is thinking about it due to let me know. Now the first lady has come back to me and said actually she may be able to change her hours after all - but ive now offered the place to this other woman! What do I do, do I have an obligation to the lady that I signed contract with?...I would rather have gone with her but now I may have to let someone else down...potentially if she needs me. My head is so confused, I feel like i have been so unprofessional about this now and its all just making me feel sick with worry.

nannynick Mon 10-Aug-09 15:46:44

The contract is for the original hours, which you notified the parent wouldn't work.

Lady2 is letting you know... she hasn't come back to you yet?

Lady1 says MAY be able to change the hours. It's either a case of she can, or she can't. Ask her if she wants to sign a new contract for the revised hours... so that you get a commitment from her for those hours.

If she doens't sign the NEW contract, then IF lady2 comes back, you still have the place available.

leonifay Mon 10-Aug-09 16:40:57

i would ring the other lady and say that you have had an enquiry about the vacancy she is looking to fill and would it be possible to have an answer by x date.

or you could say that there is another person looking to fill the vacancy and it will to go to whoever gets back to you first.

dont worry, to me it sounds like the first lady has messed you around, its likley that origionally she told you one thing and then when it came to signing the contracts she changed her mind, this happands all the time, but be carefull, she may mess you around again, when you go to sigh contracts she may think that the second time round you'll just do it or in a couple of months she may decide that actually she wants the origional hours.

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