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CM's - I'm in a bit of a quandry and could do with your expertise please!

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SecretSlattern Mon 10-Aug-09 09:59:59

Firstly, a bit of background info:

I was working in a school as a YrR TA until July this year when borough cut backs meant I lost my job. I was on a temp contract anyway but had hoped it would be renewed. Anyway as of July, I have been out of work, but looking and hoping something comes up. Fortunately I have an interview this week for a pre-school position, literally 10 mins from the school. DD is transferring to the school I used to work at so to get this job would be really handy, as I need to be close to school for DD, close to the CM for DS and also I need to be working as part of my degree in early years.

Anyway, I have been approached by a parent of a child with whom I have worked since Jan when she started in my class. They have asked me, as I am not currently working if I would consider collecting this child and basically acting as a CM for her until they finish work. We are talking about 3:30 -6:00 every school night.

I am qualified in childcare (level 3, foundation degree etc) but unfortunately due to the tenancy on my flat, I am unable to be registered as a CM. I would have done this if there was no other work options open to me. The parents know this and also know that because I'm not registered, any payments that would be made would have to be from them rather than tax credits (I don't know if they claim tax credits but thought it was important to mention this just in case). I know there are insurance issues etc also but tbh, I'm seriously considering taking up their offer because the extra money would be so handy (DH is SE and work is a tad unpredicatble atm).

So far, I have managed to hold off agreeing to anything because not only is there me to consider, but I have 2 DC's and obviously DH. DH is good with out kids, but doesn't really "get" anyone elses, although tbf, he does try. I have told the parent that I will speak to DH tonight and call her back tomorrow to have a better chat about things.

The arrangement would be informal (well, it would have to be) but I'm concerned that the extra responsibility of collecting and looking after another child after school, on top of work (potentially), my own kids and my uni studies might be a bit much. Plus there are all the other issues which I know I haven't yet thought of (but I'm hoping you will all help me to consider!).

Finally, assuming that I were to agree to it, taking everything into consideration, what would be a fair amount to charge for this? I'm not familiar with prices etc but would assume that as I am not registered, it would have to be a lot less than an actual CM.

Thanks for your help, all input gratefully received! smile

Mousey84 Mon 10-Aug-09 10:27:39

The insurance issues would be enough for me to not do it. Can you do it at their house (as a nanny)?

SecretSlattern Mon 10-Aug-09 10:33:38

I'm not sure where they live tbh and I would also have my 2 to bring with me. DD wouldn't be a problem as far as I'm concerned, but DS is only 14mo. There is also the issue of doing my own kids dinner, bath and bed routine of an evening, and getting in at gone 6 I don't see is really fair on them.

I am leaning towards not doing it tbh, but would like to hear your different perspectives before making a firm decision.

Mousey84 Mon 10-Aug-09 11:42:32

What happens in the school holidays? will you be expected to care for them all day then?

atworknotworking Mon 10-Aug-09 11:50:44

Can you wait and see if you get the job, I would be a bit cautious as the rules on looking after children for reward are pretty strict and you won't fall under the 2 hrs a day exemption, and quite frankly registering is a pita for just a couple of mindees after school, and if your landlord has limitations on usage it would'nt be possible anyway. The alternatives would be:

Going to their house, but as you say would be difficult with your own DC's needs, registration etc

Being a nanny although I think they would have to employ you if you only work for one family, but you could probably care for them at your house if you did this and then the landlord wouldn't object as you wern't regestering your home IYSWIM, plus if you did this you may have tax implications as technically you would have two employers and a second employer is taxed at a higher rate - or at least I was when it happend to me - took ages to sort out and quite frankly wasn't worth the hassle.

atworknotworking Mon 10-Aug-09 11:52:06

sorry you would have two employers when you get the job

danthe4th Mon 10-Aug-09 13:47:13

Not worth the hassle and complications,legalities if someone reports you, what would happen if your children are ill etc etc.all for £50.

nannynick Mon 10-Aug-09 15:19:20

Not worth doing.

1. You would be in breach of the Childcare Act 2006, as you are not a Registered Childminder.

2. Your landlord will not permit you to register as a childminder from your property... if they (or someone tells them) that there are is a child coming to your home every weekday afternoon, your landlord may feel you are acting as a childminder.

3. You say your DH doesn't get other children. Given he is SE, he may be around while the other children are at your home.

4. You need time for your studies and time for your own children.

5. If the arrangement was informal, the parents of the child could refuse to pay at some point and there would be nothing you could do about it.

6. Children are not at their best after school. They can be very awkward when tired.

7. It will restrict your own family... your own children may get invited to play with friends... instead of having a break, you would still need to collect the child.

8. Your own children may do some kind of after school activity, the cared for child may not. So two different pick-up times.

SecretSlattern Fri 14-Aug-09 16:45:50

Sorry it has taken so long to come back to this.

Thank you for all your advice. I have decided not to go ahead with the arrangement, the main reason being the implications for my own family. I will also be working now and think that it will be too much to add another child to the mix.

If anyone can recommend a good CM in the Penge/Beckenham area, I would be grateful!

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