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anyone use a nannytax agency that isn't nannytax??

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oopsagain Mon 10-Aug-09 02:30:44

I've been employing an after school nanny since novemebr
And i'm trying ot do the tax returns but it really makes no sense to me.
either I'm stupid or it's too boring!

Does anyone use any of the cheaper agencies?
I think £300 a year that nannytax charges is about half waht we'd end up paying in tac a yr- it seems expensive in comparison of what we'd owe..

It's just so bloody bpring really, that's the problem!

giraffesCanRunA10k Mon 10-Aug-09 03:35:16

Taxing nannies is good. Oh and I have been stalking looking for you missus I posted a thread for you in chat

oopsagain Mon 10-Aug-09 03:46:07

oh, about the wrist?

Mine wasn't broken- so i have every bloody sympathy for the pain that must go with a broken wirst <winces>
How are you doing?
did you get surgery?

I had my plaster off after 2 weeks and it is pretty much ok by now but certain angles make it hurt and it often aches a bit at night after a busy day.


giraffesCanRunA10k Mon 10-Aug-09 04:07:12

Yup. Had surgery on Thursday there, mines not broken its the ligments that are damanged. Seeing the surgeon tomorrow (well today now as its 4am!!) to discuss the 2nd op Op itself wasn't too bad, and haven't had to take the full whack of pain killers I am allowed.

Are you getting physio or anything?

oopsagain Mon 10-Aug-09 04:13:24

no, no physio.
I remember now- t's been ages since i've been here.
Mine is actually ok- it's just a bit achey. It certainly doesn't hurt any where near as much as initially.

I think i just straine dthe ligaments and they've all healed.

Poor you- but it must feel good to be getting something sorted.

giraffesCanRunA10k Mon 10-Aug-09 04:19:40

Yup and hopefully can get back to work I'm not an insomniac anymore!!

Taxing nannies are good though - never late, always very helpful etc.

nannynick Mon 10-Aug-09 08:19:00 also seem to be good.

weegiemum Mon 10-Aug-09 08:37:38

We used NannyPaye - think they were about £160 2 years ago.

They were great, we had no bother at all.

poppy34 Mon 10-Aug-09 17:22:50

Way2paye good

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