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Employing an assistant?!?

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LaurenD Fri 07-Aug-09 13:46:29

Hi all!
Could really do with some top tips/advice re:employing an assistant.
Basically, a friend who is also a childminder is considering returning to work part-time at the minute as her two mindees contracts are coming to an end and her son starts nursery in September. However, she is trying for a baby and if she starts work and falls pregnant within a year will not be entititled to maternity pay. I suggested that I employ her as an assistant as I am in the very lucky position of having toO many requests for childcare at the minute - she will then still be entitled to stat maternity pay PLUS we get on really well AND most importantly she is fantastic with children!
So now what I need to know is how the hell do I go about it? Do I apply to Ofsted? How much do I pay? Does she remain self-employed OR do I employ her? (If I employ her not sure that this would help the maternity pay situation)
HELP!!! I still think it's a great idea but really don't have the first clue how to get started!
Any responses/tips/horror stories etc very gratefully received!

pinenuts Fri 07-Aug-09 14:45:03

Hi ,yeh you`ll need to contact OFSTED to add your friend as an assistant and have a new certificate drawn up also you`ll need to get extra insurance "CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYERS LIABILTY INSURANCE" sorry i`m not sure about the money side as my dad occassionally assists me unpaid as and when to parents need care for their children on different days thus putting me over my numbers. But i`d also like to say i love working with an assistant so much nicer with an extra pair of hands and eyes around to help out, the kids love it to not only having a man around but someone of the grandad generation he is popular when stories want to be read!smile

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