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CM Club: please help me gather courage to give notice!

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Numberfour Fri 07-Aug-09 13:44:41

i had another thread going about this same family. it has now reached a point where i don't want to deal with the family any more.

help! it would work out best if i give them notice by tomorrow (Sat) but I need some courage to do this - why? heaven knows!!!

shoshe Fri 07-Aug-09 13:52:44

Do No.4 you really do NOT need to be treated like this by them.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 07-Aug-09 14:01:54

<passes cuddly lion and courage over to no 4>

good luck

Numberfour Fri 07-Aug-09 14:09:48

shoshe, did you see the other thread?

this morning mum calls me to ask me which way i wiped baby's bottom because she an infection. she could have said X has an infection and i wondered if we could work out why it is recurring.

always always always accusing me of being inadequate.

two days before my ofsted inspection she handed me my parent feedback form with criticisms in it after having taken her daughter to hospital in an ambulance because her husband was on the way to the tip and had a full car! the next day i went to see her in hosp when I HAD A DAY OFF and i took her a bag of goodies. this does not get a mention in the feedback form - instead they "suggested" i take the child out more.

Numberfour Fri 07-Aug-09 14:10:29

grin blondes! thanks!!

summerfruit Fri 07-Aug-09 14:13:06

wow get rid !!x

mumsanutter Fri 07-Aug-09 14:34:53

No 4 - give notice. You don't need courage, just write the letter and hand it to whoever collects tonight.

Think about the wizard of oz and the cowardly lion at the end of the film.

Numberfour Fri 07-Aug-09 14:44:24

mums, i don't know the film!! i remember being petrified of the flying monkeys and the witches when i was little.

the little one is not with me today so i will need to deliver the letter tonight or tomorrow.

mumsanutter Fri 07-Aug-09 14:52:18

At the end of the film the lion who has been 'cowardly' throughout the whole film, finds his courage - i think he drinks a potion (but can't remember the film - as it was Johns favourite about 6 months ago and was on non stop, so have blanked it out!!! I can remember the music vividly!!!

I would take the letter round tonight, then you can at least have a weekend of not thinking about what to write, how to give it to them etc etc

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 07-Aug-09 14:53:05

deliver tonight to get it over and done with

plus then notice can start from tomorrow

Numberfour Fri 07-Aug-09 15:00:00

yes, will do it tonight and then come home and have a glass of "potion"!!
the sooner i deliver the letter, the better.


kittycatty Fri 07-Aug-09 15:46:33

No4 it's hard i know, i struggled with giving notice myself. Just get it done asap i found the more i thought about it the more stressed out i got.

southernbelle77 Fri 07-Aug-09 15:52:15

You can just write a basic letter saying that unfortunatley you have to give notice as of todays date. Therefore xxx's last date with you will be xxx. Don't HAVE to give a reason why!

Good luck and do it tonight and then get a big bottle of wine and enjoy

Numberfour Fri 07-Aug-09 21:25:26

the deed is done. i delivered the letter saying that i needed more free time in the mornings to study seeing that my son was going to school from Sept. she was very pleasant, and said she had been expecting it because of me doing EYPS.

i feel VERY relieved.

was ever so slightly peed off when she asked me if we would cope financially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! angry none of your business, love!!!

well rid!!!

and now i sip my magic potion grin

TheIronLady Fri 07-Aug-09 23:34:33

Numberfour; well done - at least you can relax now it's over. I have never had a family make such comments to me but would be agast if they did so can imagine how cross you feel, what a cheek.

A long time ago, I had to give notice to two families for completely different reasons; I was really cross with one of the families, they peed me off to such an extent that I gave notice straight away.

The other family were just lovely and I dithered by the phone for the whole weekend, kept picking it up then putting it down before calling to speak to the mum. Sadly I could no longer do a school run but also cared for sibling too, so doubly awful. The school run was originally temporary but after 1.5 years just couldn't continue with it as I had three under 2's in tow & no car. I found I was rushing breakfast for the babies, then waking them during their naps to make the school pick up time. Just an awful decision to have to make.

I really dislike this side of the business.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 08-Aug-09 09:23:42

fab news - well done

and shock at her cheekyness!!!

mumsanutter Sat 08-Aug-09 10:23:42

Well done No4 - hope that the potion helped

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