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my mum and her big mouth

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OliviaGrace Wed 25-May-05 10:41:27

I have posted on here regarding my nursery job and how bitchy the staff were. Well my mum works with this woman, and this woman has a daughter who works in this nursery.

My mum has only gone and been telling her friend at work about the bitchy women and the low standards of the nursery, and about one girl in particular who was calling me names. My mums colleague has now gone and told her daughter who will probably tell the rest of the bitches at the nursery.

I asked my mum not to discuss the reasons I left at her work today, but she did. Why did she go and gossip, the stupid moo

ssd Thu 26-May-05 16:42:20


Just grin and bear it OG. It sounds like they needed some hometruths anyway!

If they ask you I'd say yes, I feel people haven't been nice to me since I've started and I was upset.

And FGS don't tell your mum too much in the future about work!!

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