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aggghhh au pair resigned this morning and goes in 2 weeks - will need replacement

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becks5109 Fri 07-Aug-09 10:26:50

asap - nightmare esp as its school holidays. Any tips/words of wisdom/agencies etc. all gratefully received! I think in the long run she has done me a favour as she has become increasingly moody the last few weeks. She has been with us for a year so I think its run its natural course!

Totallyfloaty35 Fri 07-Aug-09 11:04:47

I feel for you,im starting to panic as not heard from girl i have lined up for mid Sept,sent her 2 emails and its been 2weeks and no response.
A year is pretty good for an aupair to stay,can you ask for an extra week from her? She may agree as giving notice usually cheers them up as they see an end in sight.Do you use an agency or aupair sites? I know there is still a few girls looking for families on aupairworld.Its just all the training and settling in you have to fit in before school starts thats the pita sad

becks5109 Fri 07-Aug-09 12:58:21

Ahh yes I know all a pain in the **! In some ways I feel positive as I don't think she's right for us any more but its the hassle of finding someone else that I'm worried about. Gosh I'd be worried too if someone hadn't replied in 2 weeks unless of course she's on holiday - do you have a mobile you could text her on? I'm about to put an ad on gumtree and ring an agency too! Where about are you based - we're in Central London.

catepilarr Fri 07-Aug-09 21:07:39

totallyfloaty, i am sure she is on holidays ;)

DadInsteadofMum Mon 10-Aug-09 10:22:58

At this time of year you are OK, there are plenty of students around who want a summer job, I have arranged one 12 days from first application to arrival suing au pair world. Get somebody for 6 - 8 weeks and use that time to set up something longer term

DadInsteadofMum Mon 10-Aug-09 10:24:00

Sorry "using" au pair world - I know there are some whpo are fed up with APW (pixi?) but none who are actually considering suing!

becks5109 Mon 10-Aug-09 10:40:40

Thanks DIOM, i've put an ad on gumtree and have had a few good responses so am hoping to meet a few for interview this weekend. Have also put the feelers out with everyone I know in case anyone hears of someone looking for work so hopefully we'll get there in the end. Currently typing up a manual and hosue rules too and thinking about getting a welcome pack of maps etc. together.

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