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Help needed for a nanny- Few Questions..

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NannyStarLight Thu 06-Aug-09 21:22:21

Hi, Im due to start a new nanny position in October. Need help with these following questions:
1) Common Core Skills Training (MNT) How long does it take to complete? ( could you get it done in a week?)
2)OFSTED reg - How long does it usally take to come through?
3) Childcare vouchers - How do they work?

I have my Insurance & First Aid.
Also if someone could send me the link to the OFSTED application form that would be great.
Tia x

nannyL Thu 06-Aug-09 21:27:09

1) no idea
2) i did mine 1st week september 2008 and it arrived end November 2008
3)) depends on the provider and what you and employers choose...
my bosses use busy bees, and we have all opted for 'internet redemtion'. basically the £ goes into my MBs busy bees account. she logs in as and when and transfers it to my account.
Friends have paper vouchers, boss gives them a voucher and they phone a number and 3 days later £ enters their account

best bet for nanny insurance is morton michel

limonchik Thu 06-Aug-09 23:41:53

The MNT distance learning thing was very easy - mostly reading comprehension than anything else. A good basic intro if you know nothing about child care and child development, but if you do you could easily get in done in a week.

Ofsted reg - how long is a piece of string? Anything from 6 weeks to 6 months.

Supernanny19 Fri 07-Aug-09 09:36:18

phone OFSTED.

jancolls Sun 09-Aug-09 01:16:39

You have 2 ways of doing the MNT ICP course. You can either 1] do the course in person at the Kensington venue or 2] do the course at home by distance learning.

If you need to complete it quickly, the distance learning option might be better, as the CACHE assessment is included in the pack BUT marking assessments can take weeks. When I did the Childcare Approval Scheme course with MNT, I sent the assessments in during July and didn't get my OCN certificate until Sept. It then took until early Nov to register with the CAS.

You can book the CACHE test on the days you do the attendance based course, but you've still got to wait for a test date and then wait for CACHE to send you your certificate. You won't be able to register with Ofsted until you're in possession of your ICP certificate anyway.

Once you've got your Ofsted registration, get mum and dad to bring home the forms from their respective employer's chilcare vouchers providers. Give both providers your bank details and they can send the money directly to your bank account. Most providers will let you check transactions online. I'm with Accor and Care-4 and both of them let me check transactions.

One other thing, do remember that there are other providers of the ICP course, the NEC being one of them. Try Googling something like 'ICP' or 'Introduction to Childminding Practice' and see what comes up.

Best of luck.

NannyStarLight Sun 09-Aug-09 10:32:39

Thanks for that.
I spoke with OFSTED and they said the letter I recive to say I attended for 2 days is enough to support my registration? ( while the certificate comes through)Not sure if this is the case?

magicOC Sun 09-Aug-09 11:02:19

It will be enough (or at least it used to be) smile

It is only a 2 day course so very quick, if you choose to take the exam ( not necessary) you take that about a month later.

The biggest pain in the neck for me was the police check, that's what can cause delay in registration coming thru, one of mine took 17wks, the other took 4wks so all depends how lucky you are.

Sorry i dont know how to do links.

Good luck

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