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Occasional nannying

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chickydee Thu 06-Aug-09 12:18:04

Hi, i'm looking for some advice as a freind of mine is going back to work, and has asked me to be her occasional nanny.
Her hubby will be about alot,but when he is called away and she is working she will need me,(i am NNEB Qualified, CRB and First aid btw)
The job will entail me caring for up to 4 kids at her house, (2 kids at full time school, may have to be collected).
I'm wondering what my hourly rate should be?
Anyone any ideas?
This is based OOP North, not london or surrounding areas, and she lives close by so not much in the way of transport issues.

Are you looking for full time employment or work already as this may impact on any future employment opportunities.

I think you should agree a fixed monthly amount for being on call so to speak such as £200 a month and then charge an hrly rate if called upon in addition and would suggest £10 an hr.

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