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Urrrgh, CMs Risk Assessments and what does your Planning look like for 9/10 month olds?

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leeloo1 Tue 04-Aug-09 20:55:18

Ok, well have (just about) killed myself getting house ready and typing up risk assessments, risk assessment checklists, cleaning rota and checklists... organising storage etc, but...

I feel like I'm too tired to do any more and I haven't covered Outings Risk Assessments - do I really have to complete a ticklist every time I leave the house (please say no, it'd do my head in), or just do a general 'this is how I'll address risks at each of these places' type thing.

Also, I haven't got my head round planning for little ones (beyond putting toys out, playing with them, reading to them etc). My excuse for not having any planning for this week (should anyone ask) is that I'll be observing the baby so that I can follow her interests, but can't say that forever...

So, would you plan around a theme? And if so, how long would you keep it going for? If not, what would your planning be...

Well done if you've read all this and answers on (child-initiated) postcards please...

stomp Tue 04-Aug-09 22:06:20

Risk assessments should be done for each type of outing, so not each time you step outside the door grin you should review the risk assessments on a reg basis.
Planning for a baby _is to follow their interests grin and plan around the routines. 9 mth old might be pulling themseleves to feet so place toys were they can find them at different levels, metal objects like small bowls or saucepans with a spoon or something to make a noise, boxes to put things in and take out, music mats to crawl over, bubbles- baby watches not blows wink bouncing,reading stories, waving bye bye to mum, crawling on grass...anyway, all that should cover every area PSE, CLL, PSRN, KUW, CD & PD. planning sorted for the next 2 weeks wink

thebody Tue 04-Aug-09 22:40:55

,I have been recently Ofsteded and got a good in all areas so think I can help.

I did risk assessments GENERAL for outings and included the park, library soft play etc by saying that kids would be in reins or buggy, stranger awareness, dog poo, washing hands and taking emergency contact details with us also nappies, drinks, suncream bla bla bla...

I did the same for the house with things like daily check of plug sockets and safety of toys and like you have a tick cleaning rota for loos and toys etc.

For planning I use the weather i.e if its sunny we go out and if not its a craft day..
Also story sacs are great for planning activities round the book(borrow from toy library)

Also the who minds mag has a pull out calendar and you can use this to plan, i.e on world recycling day we visited the bottle bank and then made junk models.

Dont get bogged down though and good luck..

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