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alpech Tue 04-Aug-09 12:29:54

DH is half way through a recruitment process for a new job, the problem being we would need childcare 2 days a week from 06:30 til school time. I haven't rang around locally yet as didn't want to tempt fate but just wondered if any of you start this early?

nannyL Tue 04-Aug-09 12:41:00

hmmm that really is quite early.

i think some CMs might start then, but you may have to be happy with them being awake in their dressing gown as opposed to up / dressed / breakfasted wink

danthe4th Tue 04-Aug-09 13:06:11

Depends how much you are prepared to pay, you may find someone willing to do it for double normal pay as its only 2 mornings. Always worth asking.

leonifay Tue 04-Aug-09 13:07:17

i agree with nannyL, i would be happy to start that early, on the basis that i could get showered, dressed and breakfasted while mindees were watching tv or doing another activity.

i'm sure you'll be able to find someone, but it may require some give and take!

Have to say, I wouldn't start that early - mainly because dp and dcs need their 'morning time' before mindees arrive. You will probably pay an arm and a leg for hours that early, but good luck smile

shoshe Tue 04-Aug-09 17:46:24

I have one come in in his jammies at 6, (as i am as well)

We have breakfast together, then he goes into the children's sleep room to dress, while I shower, then supervise his teeth (he is only 4)

After that we usually go down stairs, he either gets toys out watches tv, till the other children arrive at 7, while i get set up for the day.

missymoo2411 Tue 04-Aug-09 18:35:05

im same as shoshe 3 days awek 0615 comes in pjs mum works shifts so sometimes they come at 9 but i charge double from 0615 to 0800 same 4 working after 6pm which i dont usually do but my kids r usually up any way by 6 and the mindees r in my kids classes at school ..

atworknotworking Tue 04-Aug-09 18:48:48

When i first started 4 years ago my first 2 mindees needed 5.30 starts, I used to start work at this time anyway before minding so wasn't too phased by the early mornings, 4 years on I still look after them, but thankfully mum does different shifts now smile, do it occassionally for mindees but I'm feeling old now so wouldn't want to do it everyday, but a couple of days a week would be ok.

alpech Thu 06-Aug-09 09:16:38

Thanks for your replies - it looks like it is possible I just need for find the right person as I understand it's not for everyone. Fingers crossed.

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