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Morning or late evening nanny available in Wimbledon to start ASAP.

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TamiG Mon 03-Aug-09 18:38:02

Hi there,

I am looking for an early morning position (any time up to 9am- may be slightly later for the ideal position) or late afternoon position (from 5pm onwards) on a permanent basis with a lovely family needing help with getting their children to or from Nursery/School.

Just to tell you a little bit about me, I am 26 years old, and originally am from Durban, South Africa. I left South Africa in 2003 and have been living in London ever since. I live in Wimbledon, very close to the station so have excellent transport links.

I started my career in Childcare when I finished school as a Crèche assistant for a nursery school called Tiny Tots and Toddlers. The school catered for children between the ages of 3months and 5. After a year or so I was promoted to manager, so was responsible for the running of the school as well as staff and all correspondence with parents. I loved this position but ultimately decided to spread my wings and relocated to London.

Once arriving in London I took a temporary position with a Dutch family with 3 children, a 15 month old, a three year old and a NB baby who came along a week after I started. I had sole charge of the children while mum was in the hospital as dad worked long hours and travelled a lot so often would be away for a few days a time. The family were moving back to Holland so no longer needed a nanny. I was with them for 3 months.

After that position I started another, what was supposed to be a temporary position, with a family in Wandsworth Common. The position was supposed to be for two weeks to help support mum as she has just had a baby and had two older a little boy of 6 and little girl who was 3. Two years later I was still with them and can honestly say that they have become very much my extended family. Unfortunately they relocated to Gloucestershire so my time with them came to an end, although we still see each other as regularly as possible and meet up when ever the children are on school holidays or when they come into London for a day. The new born baby at the time, is now nearly 6, the little girl is 9 and eldest boy is nearly twelve! So scary how quickly they have all grown up, but I still see them as "my kids" from all those years back. I have become very good friends with mum and we keep in touch as much as we can. I absolutely loved every minute I spent with this family.

After this position I started another with a family in Hampton Court. At the time they had one little baby boy, who was 3 months old. They had another little girl 2.5 years later. I was with this family for three years and am still in touch with them. As with my last family, I loved the kids to bits and pieces and miss them loads.

In 2003 I decided to try a new avenue of childcare and got in to Nanny recruitment and have been doing that ever since. I love my job but really do miss working with children, and most of all, I have to admit, the cuddles!! I thought that the best of both worlds would be to find a part time position for either a couple of hours in the mornings or afternoons, so here I am!

I would be happy to hear from any mums or dads that may need a few hours in the mornings or late afternoons. I am pretty flexible so willing to consider all offers if I am able to make them fit into my current full time position.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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