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Childminder or nanny required

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anita1208 Fri 31-Jul-09 08:40:07

Hi My name is Anita and I am looking for a childminder or nanny in the Bushey (Herts) area to start in sept for twin girls (they will be one in sept).I am preferably looking for term time only contracts.

This is all new to me but if you have any vacancies I would love to chat and discuss things a bit more.

I can be contacted on hm:02089501026 or mb: 07895064923.
I look forward to hearing from someone.


As a parent you would employ a nanny to come to your home and care for the girls there. You would set the rate of pay and working conditions, You would be responsible for paying tax and NI.

A childminder works from their own home and sets their own rates, you would not be their employer.

I am guessing in your area that both would cost around the same for twins so guess its about weighing up the pros and cons of both and deciding which you would prefer.

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