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CM CLUB - well it's today at 2pm.......wish me luck!!!!

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looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 07:19:53

Following on from my thread about the Ofsted's today at 2pm!!

Not feeling as bad as I was on Tues/Wed, know I've done nothing wrong so why worry!! I am still nervous though and worried I'll forget to lock the catflap and make sure my cat is nowhere to be seen!! hmm

I'll be back when she's been and gone, to update you on what it was all about but in the meantime, I'd be VERY grateful if you could keep your fingers crossed for me that it's nothing serious!!

Thanks everyone, your support has really helped me through this time I've had to wait.


fairimum Fri 31-Jul-09 07:26:09

You have nothing to worry about you are a fab childminder! Try not to worry!! xxx

aGalChangedHerName Fri 31-Jul-09 07:27:45

Hope things go well today Looney!! It's bad enough just having the normal routine visits never mind a visit like this.

Let us know what happens xx

mum2akebk Fri 31-Jul-09 07:29:27

Hi - sorry I don't post on here very often.

Have been following this and hope everything goes well for you today. I don't see why Ofsted could tell you they wanted to see you today but wouldn't say the reason. It's just so mean-they must realise the stress that causes.

I'm sure there's nothing to worry about-hopefully it was something to do with your last inspection.

Good luck, anyway.

looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 07:31:11

fairimum - thanks mate, you still think that after yesterday's outing!!! lol xxx

aGalChangedHerName - thanks. Yes, it is hard enough with routine stuff but this is something else, never been so worried!!! Either it's just a numbers thing or someone has been trying to cause me trouble! I'll update on here as soon as she's gone! xxx

looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 07:33:30

mum2akebk - I know, this is the thing! I think it's because she came to see me on Tuesday and I wasn't in so she didn't want to just turn up again. Think she wanted to come ASAP but her diary was full all of Wed & Thurs and this morning. I'd rather she just turned up again another day and I could go on as normal without any worrying!!! Thanks for the good luck

fairimum Fri 31-Jul-09 07:40:39

LT - yesterday was nothing!! Just imagine me with a class of 32!! Wouldn't think twice about leaving my little monster with you! You will be fine!! xxx

Summerfruit Fri 31-Jul-09 07:46:01

I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for you !!xxx

missymoo2411 Fri 31-Jul-09 07:49:37

good luck x...

Katymac Fri 31-Jul-09 07:56:28

You don't need luck you will be fine

looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 08:51:56

fairimum - wow, 32 kids!! lol I know what you mean, just embarrassing when they all end up crying, makes you look like the world's worse cm!! lol

Thanks everyone else Katy, I hope you're right. Just why else would she turn up unannounced?! hmm Oh well, should know in nearly 5 hours!!

leonifay Fri 31-Jul-09 09:01:55

thinking of you today, hope its all good news

mumlove Fri 31-Jul-09 09:08:53

Still thinking of you and you are an excellent cm. XX

looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 09:16:30


Well I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs wondering if I'll have any mindees today. It's only 2 today anyway and one comes at 9.30am but the other was due around 8am. I had to take her home yesterday afternoon as wasn't well so she may not be coming.......will text if haven't heard by 9.30.

Numberfour Fri 31-Jul-09 09:22:34

good luck, looney. at the very least it will all be over in a few hours' time.

wonder if it is worth writing and stating your concerns about not being told what the interview would be about. unnecessary stress and bother!

looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 09:30:21

Don't worry, I'll be having words about the stress!!!

southernbelle77 Fri 31-Jul-09 09:38:27

I hope it goes well for you LT. All the stress and worry is not fair on you.


atworknotworking Fri 31-Jul-09 09:39:40

Everything crossed over here


looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 09:41:31

Thanks. Well I finally have 1 mindee, just texted the other mum to see if they are coming and once I know, we can go to the park and take my mind off it wink x

danthe4th Fri 31-Jul-09 13:03:28

Thinking of you, good luck xxx

BradfordMum Fri 31-Jul-09 13:12:50

Good luck hunny x xx

looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 13:40:07

Thanks. ds2 and my only mindee for today are napping right now. I have a cup of tea and am doing the gitterbug!! lol (was fine until 1ish and then got the gitters again!)

Will let you know asap xx

looneytune Fri 31-Jul-09 15:37:56

sorry, too's on the other thread

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