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Live Out Nanny / Au Pair Position Available in North London

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DaisyGirl3 Thu 30-Jul-09 21:45:57

We are a large family consisting of two older boys aged almost 8 and 5 and delightful boy and girl twins aged 2 ¾ .

We have had a lovely nanny for a year and, between us have a great and workable routine in place. Unfortunately she is moving on to do something else and we are left looking for a replacement.


We are looking for a highly organised, fun, yet most importantly warm and loving nanny who will keep the children safe and happy at all times.

Someone who will come in and hit the ground running, helping to bridge the gap when our current nanny leaves.

Both the older children are in the local school and have at least one club or two to attend to during the week after school. So the main role of the day, post school-run, is to look after, entertain and care for the two young twins who are not yet in Nursery.

My husband and I are both self employed and, on occasion, work from home or have short period of times of being at home as well. So, while the role won?t change when we are working from home, someone who is adaptable is important to us.

Anyone applying or providing a contact will have many more details from us on contacting us.

Our best contact email address is:

We look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Best wishes, Ben & Daisy Graham

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