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CM CLUB - OFSTED want to see me, they wouldn't tell me why on the phone - anyone had this before???

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looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 17:54:52

Hi everyone

I'm a tad confused. Got the day off today and came back to an answerphone message from a lady at Ofsted. Spoke to her and she said she made an unannounced visit to me this afternoon but I was out and now she wanted to arrange to see me. She's coming on Friday at 2pm.

What on earth could this be about??? Does it automatically mean I've been reported for something? I know I've not gone over my numbers at all so if someone THINKS I have then that's ok but I just can't think what else it could be? I know I shouldn't be worried as I've not done anything wrong but I'm upset about not knowing and thinking someone must have reported me for something and therefore I'm wondering who would do this

Any thoughts people?

Summerfruit Tue 28-Jul-09 18:00:57

Did you get inspected lately ?

looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 18:07:38

Yes, in March and did well

Summerfruit Tue 28-Jul-09 18:12:59

I'm just saying that because I saw on another thread that a cm had a surprise inspection without notice ! I'm sorry you are going through this stress..I dont have a clue why she wants to come and see you, maybe call them first thing tomorrow morning and try to know what is happening ?

looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 18:14:54

I politely asked her on the phone "is there a problem" and she said "I'd like to chat to you about that when I see you".

Sat here in tears and I haven't even done anything wrong. Just the worry of what it's all about.

danthe4th Tue 28-Jul-09 18:15:07

No idea, sorry!! unless they missed something on your inspection and they want to double check, strange that they wouldn't say though, bit unnecessary to worry you.

looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 18:19:26

An 'unannounced' visit usually means something more serious doesn't it? God, I've had today imagine if me and dh were at it in the lounge when she turned up!!! Sorry, was trying to make myself laugh. Seriously though, I don't know what it could be about and I'm worried sick. Stupid though as I shouldn't be as done nothing wrong but it's only natural isn't it!

Summerfruit Tue 28-Jul-09 18:23:14

Poor you ! Dont worry if you have done nothing wrong , you have nothing to worry about !! It's probably a misunterstanding or something !!

looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 18:27:01

I know I've done nothing wrong, I never ever go over my numbers and my kids are very happy here, my Ofsted was great, my references are even better, I just don't get it. Think I'm more upset about the thought of someone making stuff up about me. I have no enemies and just don't understand what is going on. Will get my baby to bed and have a drink and try and chill. Just the way she said "I'd like to chat to you about it when I see you" that made me think there is some kind of problem.

Summerfruit Tue 28-Jul-09 18:32:18

She is awful, she should have told you..I'll be the same as you if this happened to me, it's not fair on you. I don't understand why she has to be like this..If something was really wrong, she'll probably send you a formal letter or something..You have done nothing wrong and everything is going to get sorted ! You had a good inspection so everything is in your favour sweety !

FabBakerGirlIsBack Tue 28-Jul-09 18:32:28

Try not to worry.

The school called me on a Friday afternoon to ask me to go in on Monday morning and no one would say why. I was stressed all weekend and told them it wasn't fair to leave us worrying like that as I was stressing if it was something about the children. She just said, no, we would have said if it was about the children. Like I knew that. hmm

What I am trying to say is it isn't always something bad and it might just be that she can't say anything at all as it will then lead to a conversation when she wants to see you.

HSMM Tue 28-Jul-09 18:33:00

You've done nothing wrong. Just welcome them with open arms (after checking ID). Someone may think you are over-minding, because of all the little ones you have, but I know you do not. If they really wanted to sneak up on you, they would just come back, not let you know they had come round. Keep calm, have a beer and get the welcome mat out.

Call me any time you want.

nannynick Tue 28-Jul-09 18:42:07

Like HSMM says, if they wanted to try to catch you out, they would just start camping outside in your street and visit another time. By arranging an appointment, sounds like it may be to do with variation requests, or it could be a complaints issue.
Don't think you will be able to find out, so just go with it for now... welcome them to your home and be as helpful with their enquiries as reasonably possible.
Real pain though, as you will be worried from now until the visit.

looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 18:57:30

Thanks everyone, I'll try and calm down. Just wish it was tomorrow and not Friday I had to wait until!!

HSMM - thanks for the offer. I may well do that. Are you around tomorrow or Thurs? Maybe we could get together?

shoshe Tue 28-Jul-09 19:17:31

They want to award you CM of the year award, doncha know grin with a secret camera so it looks all good that it wasn't rehearsed for GMTV.

looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 19:47:49

Thanks Shoshe grin

squirrel42 Tue 28-Jul-09 20:50:09

If it was anything properly serious/urgent they wouldn't leave it until Friday! Does sound a bit weird to arrange a time to come out and then not explain what it's all about though. If it does turn out to be something boringly mundane I'd be asking why on earth they couldn't have just said that beforehand and save all the stress!

looneytune Tue 28-Jul-09 20:58:14

Don't you worry, I'll be saying how stressful it is to be left dangling like that!! Will try my best to forget about it until Friday.

Ripeberry Tue 28-Jul-09 21:32:30

Good luck for Friday. I'm sure it will be OK smile

TheIronLady Tue 28-Jul-09 22:11:49

How awful for you Looneytune, try not to worry too much. Hopefully there will be a simple explanation. Good luck for Friday, I am sure we will all be thinking of you smile

dmo Tue 28-Jul-09 23:39:35

poor you just saw it on fb sad
hope friday goes ok, wish it was friday tomo, cant think why they would visit but i hope its for good.
enjoy your beer x

looneytune Wed 29-Jul-09 08:04:21

Thanks everyone for your support. It's weird, I know I've done nothing wrong yet last night was thinking all sorts and starting doubting myself as a childminder thinking maybe I have done something wrong, maybe I'm not a good childminder anymore etc ....

I've become totally paranoid, crazy isn't it. Oh how I wish I was in yesterday when she arrived, I HATE waiting!!! Inspections are bad enough yet you know what happening with them. This is totally different, it's hard to explain why I feel sick when I haven't done anything but.....!!!

Once kiddies have arrived I will just get on with it and hopefully the time will go by quickly.

mumlove Wed 29-Jul-09 09:11:24

I have just read this on fb and I am so sad.

It's not fair that they leave you thinking about what they want as you know that you are wonderful. Will hold your hand all week and have a beer with you smile.

Take care and please try to enjoy the next few days.

BradfordMum Wed 29-Jul-09 09:19:24

I just wondered, have you had the need to report anyone lately? Maybe they need to discuss that matter?

If not, I'm at a loss as to what it could be, but if it was anything serious, I doubt they'd leave it til Friday.

Keep strong.

Sally x x

SammyK Wed 29-Jul-09 10:26:34

Just seen this how awful to keep you hanging like that!

I know it's easy to say but do try not to worry. Why Friday?? Did you ask her if she could come back any earlier? Seems daft to leave it so long. If it were something super serious I doubt they would do that, agree with bradfordmum on that one.

Chin up you do a great job. smile

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