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did you work as a nanny in chelsea in 1982-1986

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bigdonna Sun 22-May-05 19:59:40

hi just wondering if any of you mums or nannies worked in around chelsea in 1982 until 1986, would love to hear from any of you !

jules27 Mon 23-May-05 12:32:46

Hi Bigdonna , just missed the dates, i worked for a family who lived just off the kings road from september 87 till sept 88 when i left to get married. Before working there i worked in and around Balham and had friends in around holland park.Do you still work as a nanny? jules

ssd Mon 23-May-05 13:22:37

Hi Bigdonna, I worked as a nanny in Putney and Clapham Common in 1988. I also went for interviews off Kings Road and just off Sloane Square in Nov 1987 prior to taking the Putney job. Must say I did enjoy my time in London, but worked for some, emmm..., unusual parents!
Or maybe it's just me!!!

Went to London recently for the first time in years and saw a couple of nannies in Kings Road! I was dying to go up to chat to them, but was too shy - they'd have thought I was some wierdo mother!

Where did you work and was it sole charge?

bigdonna Mon 23-May-05 21:19:08

thanks for replying jules27 andssd,i worked on walpole street from 82 until 86 but then i moved to battersea ,south ken and i lived in balham it seems many moons ago.i looked after kids who went to garden house.i am from newcastle but i just forgot to go back there.i now work as a childminder so i can also look after my own kids.i stopped nannying in 98. my first job was sole charge 6 days a week, my second the mother was there too but looked after 4 girls called scarlett,poppy,tiffany,amber i put these names in just in case are paths had crossed because no many people forget there names.i also worked in wimbledon for 4 yrs looking after isaac and asha sole charge.please post me back and tell me about yourselves.oops sorry also worked at clapham common looking after emma sewell 2 days a week sole charge this must have been in 1986/87

jules27 Wed 08-Jun-05 14:12:37

hi i started nannying in watford in 1980, then worked in north london for 2 years. i went to NY IN 1984 BEFORE RETURNING TO TEMP WORK IN LONDON IN 85. oopss sorry , i then worked in Balham for two years taking care of Catriona Stewart. On leaving there i went to work for the Reed family in Chelsea. I got married in 88, whilst taking care of a little boy in Harpenden. I am now living with my partner and my two children and his one child.I have continued to nanny ,although at present out of work .

bigdonna Wed 08-Jun-05 21:48:23

hi jules27 thanks for replying.i think i was working in battersea when you were in chelsea.i was in chelsea until 86 then battersea until 94,then wimbledon until 98,did you do a school pick up and did you go out drinking on kings road.We used to go in the royal tavern!

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