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How can I find an approved home carer....

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wangle99 Sun 22-May-05 18:45:27

How can I find an approved home carer to look after DS?

What does someone need to do to become one?


lunavix Sun 22-May-05 19:25:34

if you mean a childminder that's registered as a home carer, you can contact your CIS for a list of childminders and then contact them directly.

However this scheme has been discontinued, don't know what they are doing otherwise

wangle99 Sun 22-May-05 19:32:57

Oh, I thought there was new rules just been brought in allowing someone to care for your child in YOUR home and they were called a registered home carer.

I was looking at the childcare tax credit rules somewhere and it seemed you could claim childcare for these people.

Perhaps I got it wrong!

MaryP0p1 Sun 22-May-05 19:37:36

A home childcarer is a registered childminder approved to care for children in the child's own home. The list is available for the CIS

NannyL Sun 22-May-05 20:29:51

Nannys can be registered

need a crb, a relevant childcare qualification (NNEB / NVQ 3 etc) and an up to date peadatric 1st aid certificate then fill a form and its all 'done'

Costs £96 per year which the parents (rather than the nanny) usually pay for.

wangle99 Sun 22-May-05 20:46:55

NannyL - do you know who governs the registration? ie where you get the info and form from to register someone?

Goodness knows where I'm going to find a nanny from let alone someone who is either registered/or going to register! Down in Cornwall there aren't a huge amount of nannies!

NannyL Sun 22-May-05 21:00:32

sorry i havnt got a clue 'how' you do it or how it all works but it is supposed to be simple! LOL!

im sure if you contacted some agencies they would be able to tell you 'how' it all works.

If you ask for a qualified nanny with an up to date 1st aid certificate (not at all unreasonable!) then the £96 will include their CRB checks (tho most nannies have these anyway, at least if job is through agency).

Try where you can advertise your position AND search for nannies looking for work in your area.

Their is also nanny (or it may be .com) but i think parenst have to pay to use that (where as nannies dont!)

good luck in your search!

KatieMac Sun 22-May-05 21:11:57

There is (or was) some info on

binkie Sun 22-May-05 21:20:52

wangle, for the scheme NannyL mentions, start at the SureStart website - but it's a different thing from the approved home carer system, which (with lunavix) I think no longer exists

wangle99 Sun 22-May-05 22:07:49

Thank you for that...

Desperate to find a carer, can't find a single childminder around here (Cornwall) with vacancies. No Nanny agencies either. May have to advertise in local paper which will be scary!

Thank you for your help.

NannyL Mon 23-May-05 09:17:22

Do try

i know of a couple of nannies in devon who got their jobs through the site AND its free so you have nothing to loose!

jothorpe Fri 03-Jun-05 09:09:51

Ok, to clear up this matter, here is the info:

Lunavix is right in saying that the Home Child Carer scheme is nolonger in operation. It used to be administered by Ofsted and meant that a Registered Childminder cared for your child, at your home - rather than their home.

Nannies & Childminders who care for children in the child's own home can now become an Approved Childcarer (also known as Home Child Carer) through the Childcare Approval Scheme .

The scheme is administered by Nestor Healthcare. The contact number is 0845 7678 111. You can call them to check the details on the Approved Childcarer's approval letter. Nestor Healthcare have not made any provision for parents to find out how to contact Approved Childcarers (daft isn't it) but hey call them anyway and see what you can get. If thay phob you off to CIS (Children's Information Service), CIS DO NOT LIST Approved Childcarers (at least, Surrey CIS will not do so).

The only Approved Childcarer I have come across so far is this one , though that won't be of any help to you alas not in you Wangle, as not located in Cornwall area.

If anyone is able to get a list of Approved Childcarer's from their local CIS, please can you post details of which CIS you get it from - as I am aware that some CIS's are considering listing, while others refuse outright to do so.

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