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CM CLUB - Mindee off as being treated for Swine Flu.......ds2 as symptoms but surgery won't say either way............

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looneytune Fri 24-Jul-09 14:40:32

Ds2 has been unwell for over a week now but was starting to get better (told twice on phone that as no temp, not swine flu)......mindee had sudden temp on Wed and after speaking with Dr, is now being treated for Swine Flu so staying away for 5 days. This morning ds2 started with a temp and has been off his food and a bit more clingy but mostly ok in himself. I phoned the surgery AGAIN (for mindees sake) and gave an update and they said it COULD be Swine Flu, they can't know for sure, it could just be a normal respiratory infection.

So, do I phone all parents and close just in case? I've got a SLIGHT temp, a SLIGHT sore throat and a SLIGHT headache too. A couple of other children have slight temps too but nothing major and are mostly ok in themselves.



looneytune Fri 24-Jul-09 18:19:09

Well according to the new website with online checker thing.....both me and ds2 have it and have codes for antivirals. I've told all parents that I'll be closed until Wednesday and they will be refunded. I bet it isn't even swine flu, loads of other things still going around. Anyway, no work for me for 5 days!!

thebody Fri 24-Jul-09 18:35:20

Poor you, hope you feel better soon. My ds is in Corfu on a lads holiday and half of them, including him, are down with it. Bloody plane I reakon.. take care and try to 'enjoy' the rest.. as if...

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 18:46:51

I'm confused...I am here in the usa....Are GP's in the uk giving antiviral prescriptions without actually testing for SwineFlu?

(by the way you can have swine flue without a fever)

looneytune Fri 24-Jul-09 18:53:45

TheBody - hope your ds is better soon, what a way to spend a holiday

SofiaAmes - they are no longer swabbing here in the UK, too expensive I presume??? And yes, I've got 2 codes from the website to go and get antivirals for me and ds2 - I feel well enough not to need my bed so wouldn't be surprised if it isn't SF after all that. Ds2 on the otherhand......both times I've phoned for medical advice they've INSISTED it's not SF if no high temp. My 13 month old ds2 was really poorly last weekend, no temp but thick green snot from his nose, awful cough and up most of the night on the Saturday night and for days, very very unsettled at night. He's still got the green snot but again, the Dr said that's not a characteristic of SF. Yet because he has a temperature today, he might have SwineFlu now, they are still saying that it wasn't SF before.

It's all so confusing!!!

underpaidandoverworked Fri 24-Jul-09 20:00:11

I came back from Spain with it yesterday - was ill an hour after landing. Didn't know had it btw when boarded plane.Have the flushes, night - and day- sweats, headaches, temp up and down. Took Tamiflu earlier and came out in rash sad. So, after speaking to gp have been told to resort to good old fluids and paracetamol.

No mindees till Thurs, luckily. Doc told me it can take 7-10days in extreme cases to get over it.

Hope you all not feeling as crap as I do...

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 20:42:57

How absolutely they really have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if the outbreak of swine flu in the uk is actually swine flu at all. My dd had fever and cough and ache for over a week and I took her to the doctor who swabbed her (our gp in the usa won't prescribe anything without a test) and said it wasn't swine flu. I now have exactly the same thing and assuming that what I have is also NOT swine flu. It sounds like in the uk we would have both been prescribed antivirals and added to the swine flu statistics. How scary. One wonders what the ramifications are of overprescribing antivirals. Certainly has been devastating in the case of antibiotics.

looneytune Sat 25-Jul-09 08:41:15

Underpaid....hope you feel better soon xx

Sofia - it's crazy imo. I really don't think I have it and I don't think ds2 has it either. Yes I felt rough yesterday but not flu like - I've had flu and I know how ill it makes you!! I will NOT be getting antivirals at this stage but will keep the codes safe in case needer another time (as they only let each person have 1 code full stop). The fact that me, ds2, and at least 2 mindees have had temps and other symptoms means SOMETHING is going round but the fact we're all mostly carrying on as normal suggests it's NOT SF. I am not willing to take a medicine that's not necessary. The most annoying thing is wanting to go out as normal as I feel 100% fine today but the website said to stay in

killashandra Sat 25-Jul-09 10:21:25

It's crazy isn't it!
I've had to have this week off as my DD had high temperature, sore throat, cough.
Her temperature had gone down by end of the day and has felt fine in herself, but doctor said it was prob SF, told just to give paracetemol & ibuprofen as she has no underlying problems.

She still has a cough but I don't know if it was SF but can't risk it as two of my parents are pregnant.

maggi Sat 25-Jul-09 12:01:08

I have had 2 loads of cold like symptoms in the last month. I have just kept my parents informed as I too have not felt like I've had flu (cf Looneytune). I have had everything on the list of symptoms of swine flu but that is also everything on the list for a cold.
I had serious flu when I was at school in the '70's. The school shut. Health workers kept coming round the house to take swabs. I felt so ill I couldn't even turn my head for 2 days, let alone get out of bed.

Does anyone know the reason that they are not testing anymore?

looneytune Sat 25-Jul-09 14:40:40

Maggi - I was the same, had very very bad flu when I was 17 and I know I'm fine myself but ds2's temp has spiked to 102.6 (39.2) this afternoon so he's definitely got 'something'. So guess it was right to close for that reason anyway. The website told me not to go out and to isolate myself yet I'm totally fine today and wasn't that bad yesterday. I will therefore go out if I need to, however won't take ds2 of course.

As for not testing any more, think it's because so many people had it in the end and doing the swabs probably cost too much!! It's so difficult when the symptoms are so similar to a normal cold. Not everyone is really really ill with it (think they know this from when they WERE swabbing) so I bet there are people out there who DO have it but been told it's NOT SF so they're mixing with others, and others who don't have it and are being diagnosed as if they do have it. I still think they should swab before getting people to take medicine they might not need. Apparantely the Anti-virals can make people quite poorly?

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