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aupair world

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PixiNanny Wed 22-Jul-09 11:56:15

I hate it. I actually hate this site. They quite obviously have a problem with couples, let alone me.

I made my OH a page on there last night. Get an acceptance email this morning that signs me on. Ten mins later I try do the email thing to a family and a page comes up that tells me that I can't do anything as my profile has been denied. wtf? I email them.

I get a reply back saying that the profile has been linked to another profile so I email back, c&p an email they sent me a few months back about making him a profile and explain that I'm trying to find him work based over here to keep him occupied until Jan-March next year and I ask if there is a problem with it. (Yes I was being snarky, but I'm so fed up with shit from them now!) They email back with the same reply they sent me two times last time "Where would you like to work?" Er... it's on the profile, the only country that I have blooming highlighted on his profile hmm

I then sent this in reply:
"The UK. His profile states that. I'm not looking for couple work from your
site anymore, I've given up on that as it's obvious that it's not how this
site works (which is really detrimental to user-friendliness, as most other
AP sites offer couples advertising space as the market for them is getting
bigger all of the time); however I do not want his job opportunities limited
to a few sites and would like to use the biggest sites in order to find him
work. So please, ignore the last two times I have attempted to make a couple
profile and just let him have his space fair and square like every other au
pair gets the chance to do."

And have just received this:
Please note that au pairs go abroad to learn a foreign language. As you don't want to go abroad, it seems that you are looking for a babysitter job. So please use a site for nannies or babysitters.


PixiNanny Wed 22-Jul-09 12:00:46

I am so tempted to email a list of each and every ad that defies her logic now. I have seen so many on that site after people do do housework only, or after people from their own country who speak their own language it's unbelievable.

The idea of an AP is not just to learn a language (which is what she said to me last time too), it can be about many bloody things, like cultural differences, cheap childcare (it's true, lets fucking face it), spending time gaining experience, housework, pet jobs, etc. She's a fucking idiot.

evuscha Wed 22-Jul-09 14:22:13

I agree, they are insane! I´ve had some issues with them years ago and since then they won´t register me! The worst thing is that the actual website is so good and there are such nice families! ((
To cut a long story short, I worked as a summer aupair for the past 5 years. When I came back after my 2nd summer, I found a PT job back home with an aupair agency - you know, the usual office tasks, copying, sending out brochures, checking references etc. - and I had the job for about 3 months. Then the next summer I was looking for a family again and I mentioned in my profile that I had a job in an aupair agency - just for the information, I think it was relevant for families to see that I am interested in the whole aupair thing, etc. While Greataupair had no problem with that whatsoever, AP world blocked me straight away - that was about 4 years ago - and since then it is impossible to register with them, as they apparently have me on some sort of a black list that I worked for an AP agency in 2005 and apparently I am some sort of a spy!
I always emailed them and the conversation was always the same, along the lines that I was working for an AP agency and therefore can´t register with them according to their terms and conditions. Trying to explain them that a)I dont work there anymore, and b)I am using the site to find myself a family for the summer, not to steal e-mail addresses or whatever (wouldn´t it be easier to create a fake profile with no mentioning of an agency if I wanted to do that?) and all I got was "I'm sorry but we cannot accept your registration. Please use an au pair agency or another au pair database. Sorry for this inconvenience."
So, that was the end of my APW story, I cant be bothered with them anymore.
Good luck if you want to try negotiating with them - from my experience it is not worth it

PixiNanny Wed 22-Jul-09 14:32:42

I tried negotiating and explaining issues but they are just being arses. I managed to get through after trying three different phone numbers that they have posted on their websites, and the woman was rude as anything on the phone (this was a while ago). She said to me on the phone that I HAD to post one or two countres and that by putting "We want to tavel and see the world!" on our profile it was obvious that we were just after a free ride hmm Because travelling has nothing to do with learning about the culture of other countries. I also want to learn Farsi and she said that I should go to the mid east to do that, however eastern europe has thousands of Iranians and when I explained that to her she said that I had to go to the countries where the language is spoken, so France, Iran or Germany. Nevermind the countries where they are commonly used (in the cases of French and German anyways!) such as Switzerland as a minor example of a country that speaks both French and German. She also had a go at me because I don't speak the basics of the language when i said "Germany or France then, as I want to learn French and he knows a bit of German."

GR. It is a good site and I already found numerous people on there who were close to me, who accepted guys or specifically asked for them and did outdoorsy things, which would be perfect for him!

evuscha Wed 22-Jul-09 14:43:58

They are just weird... It´s none of their business what you want to do and where, isn´t it upon the families to decide if they are interested in you or not?
I appreciate they want to make sure that people are honest, but this level of control is a bit too much (
I have to admit that I wouldn´t even bother calling them, from their emails their attitude is quite obvious, they just won´t register you ever, full stop. Bastards.
Anyway, the only way I tried to get some contacts was to actually look up the names of families on facebook - I managed to get in touch with one, which is better than nothing ) Try ;)

Millarkie Wed 22-Jul-09 14:53:30

Hey Pixi, since it's difficult bucking the APworld system could you try putting your dp's profile up as one of those free website things (I used to have a blogger page with all our details on to show potentail au pairs) and then use your apworld profile to get the email addresses of relevant families and email them directly explaining that your dp hasn't got an APworld profile but his details were on the webpage... I had some APs email me directly without pressing the official contact button on APW and I wasn't that freaked out

Julesnobrain Wed 22-Jul-09 16:05:47

Pixi if you can't buck the system make it work for you. You are being too honest. I would put your individual or joint profile on AP world open for any countries or europe whatever is needed to get your registered. Once you are a member you can then search for families who have indicated a couple is OK and they may.. or may not be in the UK...if you get my drift wink If your application progressed just with English / UK based families whose to know.........

Millarkie Wed 22-Jul-09 17:15:44

I had just thought that too - say you are happy to go anywhere - just turn down families who aren't in your desired area (and contact the ones who are )
And if they block you, can't you get a new email address and apply again?

evuscha Wed 22-Jul-09 17:17:18

The problem is that I´m pretty sure they won´t register Pixi again ever - they already know her intentions! wink angry I wonder if they employ some ex CIA members in APW or something? - judging by their quick assumptions...
Anyway, good luck! - I suppose the only way how to get the contacts is to register under your friend´s name for example (different e-mail address, different photos etc.), pay for the membership = you can see the e-mail addresses and contact them from your e-mail?, as you won´t get anywhere with them by negotiating...

evuscha Wed 22-Jul-09 17:20:21

Millarkie - I tried that too, using a different e-mail address and even spelling my surname a bit differently ) - but they blocked me again (seriously, ex CIA members!) and now they probably extra hate Pixi, don´t bother ) The only way is registering as a totally different person - although I wouldn´t be surprised if they recognised your computer and blocked you anyway...

Millarkie Wed 22-Jul-09 17:29:12

They might be able to link through payment details (rather than being CIA members) but without becoming premier you can't pick out the best fit employers and email them..Hmmm need to create new email address and borrow a friend's credit card

PixiNanny Wed 22-Jul-09 19:15:42

I was thinking of looking them up on fb, but I thought they may find it somewhat stalkerish haha We've decided that we'll either start a couple job in Jan or March, so he could potentially have six months with a family which gives him a better chance of finding one now, though he's being a dick about it at the moment :/ Doesn't think he'll be good enough on his own, overly paranoid that he won't be able to look after children by himself... it's not getting through his thick head that he looks after 12 children minimum by himself every single day doing things that are much more highly dangerous than au pairing *rolls eyes*

I'm on various other ap websites that have accepted both my couple profile and his only person profile thankfully.

Millarkie: did people contact you via the blogger? That would be brilliant but I'd never have thought about it atually working? It'd be good if it did

And here I thought being honest was a good thing! :P I would try that but I think that I've given up on APWorld now, I'm just a bit annoyed as I liked the look of one family in particular; 3 boys, all older than 4, live in Devon, love outdoorsy stuff and they only wanted someone for maximum of 6 months; it'd be a perfect thing for him to do by himself to warm him up to the routines and lifestyle of APing, if that makes sense? I don't want him to get into a couple job and then be unhappy with it :/
He loves working with kids though as mentioned above, he's paranoid about doing it by himself! He does adapt very easily though and seems to genuinely want to do it with me rather than alone, so I'm more hopeful on the couple front if we manage to find work lol He's getting stupidly excited at the prospect of being nearer some good climbing spots and things too haha

The happy to go anywhere thing though, the devil company told me that I couldn't say that last time, which is why they denied my first application [apparently!] Though, it is important to note, the same woman has dealt with me each time, I have a funny feeling that she is the only one who actually works for the website as every email and phone call I've made, she's dealt with it.

I have been blocked on three different emails now, and have used my name, his name and my most common variation of my name to make profiles grin I feel naughty eve though I haven't done anything wrong! grin

I've never paid for the site though, I prefer not too, though they probably have an IP address finder and I would go through the roundabout but legal routes to change it as I sign in, but 1) it's too much hassle and 2) my new IP could link me to anywhere in the world, and would change each time I used the roundabout way, so I would be travelling far and wide constantly, which is apparently not allowed by apworld :P

I think I'll have betetr luck with local gumtree anyways tbh, especially if I want to find him a job by me! I have no idea when I'm leaving here yet either, which is probably more important to work out at this moment in time rather than my boyfriend's job! Christmas or Feb half term? Decisions, decisions and procrastinating from them! grin

catepilarr Thu 23-Jul-09 00:25:31

agree that people on apw are just a bunch of german cheeky buggers who think they know the best and are entitled to dictate what you can and cant do. not going to details of my story with them which is not that interesting anyway but they do make my blood boil.

catepilarr Thu 23-Jul-09 00:28:01

what about if you read their terms of conditions and tell them you are going to sue them for deleting their profile? i guess they would not believe you...
its none of their bloody business what countries you want to go to.

jb707 Thu 23-Jul-09 07:37:39

We have kids and live in the South West and are looking for an aupair to ASAP. Would your chap be interested?

PixiNanny Thu 23-Jul-09 09:42:21

Sorry jb, thanks for the offer, but I think not anymore He's suddenly gone off of the idea of au pairing at all, even with me, which is something I'm pretty torn up about now Kinda hoping he'll change his mind as I was quite looking forward to doing the couple work and being in another ap job I don't know what's come over him

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