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CM retainers - what's reasonable?

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headless Tue 21-Jul-09 21:49:47

Hi all, just a query really as not sure whether this is reasonable. We have 2 DC, one with the cm already 2 days, and the other also wanting a place for 2 days from sept '10. At present the cm doesn't have a space for DC2 for sept '10, but says that as soon as she does then we need to pay the retainer (50%) until then. DC2 is 4 weeks old, and so in theory we could be paying the retainer anytime now for over a year. Is this reasonable? My thought is that its stretching it a bit, given that in theory she could fill that place as its over a year, but she is fab and I love the way she is with the mindees. The other problem is that she only works 3 days and I work 2 days, but they change every academic year, and so its difficult for her to hold places for my two DC, so there's the possibility I could pay the retainer and still end up with no place for DC2 come Sept '10 anyway! Garbled message, I know, but it's been playing on my (very hormonal!) mind and would appreciate some impartial opinions. Its not the concept of a retainer I object to, its the length of time we are going to end up paying it. Opinions?

Katymac Tue 21-Jul-09 21:56:29


You could keep your fingers crossed that she has a space

You could let her give the space to someone else & then ask her to sack them in Sept 10

danthe4th Tue 21-Jul-09 23:38:50

perhaps you could agree a deposit which half could be used against the first months fees or returnable if the days don't match especially if you can give as much notice as possible. I'm sure the two of you could negotiate something that you can both work with. If she can fill the space then she could agree to give you first refusal and then pay the retainer.It's a long way off and anything could happen.

HSMM Wed 22-Jul-09 07:53:55

I would only charge a retainer for an available space. I may charge a deposit for an unavailable space, which would be refunded if the space did not become available. If the space became available early, then I would start charging a 50% retainer from that date, because the space would be available for you to use (top up to 100% fee) any time. Hope that makes sense.

However ... as usual, we are self employed and set our own rates and it is down to your agreement with your CM.

shoshe Wed 22-Jul-09 07:59:14

Could she not ask for a sibling variation, so she could have 4 under 5, this is what I have done.

dmo Wed 22-Jul-09 08:42:31

i would ask her come july 10 to write to OFSTED to ask for a variation to continity of care for a sibling, this is if she is willing to have 4 children under 5.

i see you other problem re days but maybe that should be delt with on your end, telling your boss that you have childcare stored for both children but only on a wed, thur and fri so can only do 2 of these days etc

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