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What is the right price per hour to pay a nanny in London?

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Lishylooloo Tue 21-Jul-09 15:49:35

We have found a french nanny, who has ten years experience (although no formal qualification) and I have done a trial day with her and she is very good. I particularly want a French nanny so DD will learn French. We also want her for three days a week which is not that easy to find (we're doing a nanny share). She wants £10 an hour net. I've done the calculations and her gross would be £13.10 and adding to that when I pay National Insurance it is going to cost me £14.25 an hour. Is this the right price to pay?

Oligo Thu 23-Jul-09 12:35:09

I would say in london that sounds about right- though depends exactly where, especially due to the your specific requirements.

I assume by nanny share you mean two days somewhere else not sharing the three days with another family- in which case 10 net per family would seem very high.

The gross figure you calculated also seems higher than I'd have thought- nannynick? But this might be down to the other two day family using the tax free personal allowance. Is this likely to be the case?

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