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AuPairs in Croydon / Purley / Caterham area

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CoffeeAndCarrotCake Mon 20-Jul-09 14:22:53

Our lovely AP#3 is leaving soon, and our (hopefully also lovely) AP#3 will be arriving in September. She's French, 20 years old, excellent at English and pretty sporty (according to what she tells me anyway - I hope I'm not back on here in September complaining that she is in fact 16 and a couch-surfing chain-smoker...). shock My DD is almost 2yo.

Are there any other families with APs in the area who might like to meet up with her?

Metrobaby Mon 20-Jul-09 15:40:39

we hope to be getting a new AP in Sept too. There is another family nearby who also have an AP from Turkey, so if you get in touch I can pass on her details too

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