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Childminders- If you had a resource wish list (toys,games books etc) what would be on it??

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sunnyshine Sun 19-Jul-09 12:11:39

thinking about stuff i woukd love to have and wondered what other people thought!

atworknotworking Sun 19-Jul-09 14:54:07

I would love one of those big clear plastic water try things but they are about £250, sooo expensive sad and one of those play panel houses that stick together and you can do differnet kinds of role play with it, also expensive.

RosieGirl Sun 19-Jul-09 19:51:43

An assistant/cook/administrator - grin

Would love a large playhouse with fully fitted kitchen and all the bits to go with it.

vInTaGeVioLeT Mon 20-Jul-09 01:52:01

i would have muddy puddle suits for all the kids, large water/sand play tank thing on legs, a whole wall of large clear drawers for toys that i could draw a curtain across at the end of the day, a blackboard wall and a magnetic wall for displaying kids art.

littlestarschildminding Mon 20-Jul-09 09:47:16

I would have a playroom...solely for childminding use!!! I could close the door on it all at the end of the day.

sunnyshine Mon 20-Jul-09 10:43:12

i am lucky enough to have the playrooom!!! i was thinking of a lovely garden frame! wooden of course. i only i hasd the space in my postage stamp garden!!

danthe4th Mon 20-Jul-09 12:52:36

playroom,active tray and stand, mirrors, SPACE!!!! anything in the tes catalogue!
Cook,cleaner,money,admin assistant a life,need I go on.Lol I love it really,sometimes,occasionally.

AvadaKedavra Mon 20-Jul-09 17:50:04

An extension made into my very own 4 storey softplay area, a properly accessible, neat and tidy bookshelf unit, a larger garden.

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