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CM club completed nvq 3 ccld where next?

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outnumberedbymales Fri 17-Jul-09 08:33:33

I am a childminder and have just had my NVQ 3 in childrens care learning and development signed off this week. I can apply for further training but am unsure where to go next. Is the level 4 qualification worthwhile or are there other courses that anyone would recommend?

I am looking for courses that are not just specific to childminding.

Any suggestions?

HSMM Fri 17-Jul-09 12:02:33

I'm doing Open University. You can do a level 4 qualification with them and then top it up to a Foundation Degree (and onwards) if you want to.

atworknotworking Fri 17-Jul-09 12:31:11

I am going for my assessors certificate when I complete my L3 in Sept, or sooner if I can stay of MN: lol

outnumberedbymales Mon 20-Jul-09 19:31:21

I have been told about a level 3 certificate in Early years foundation stage. Has anyone heard of it or doing it?

Numberfour Mon 20-Jul-09 19:53:35

atworknotworking, where can i find out about the assessor's certificate?

sorry, outnumbered, not heard about it.

atworknotworking Tue 21-Jul-09 12:47:53

numberfour your local college should run it, our's is about 12weeks and costs around £360 their are different types ie: internal / external courses if you contact your college they should advise you what they have.

outnumbered this came up last week, someone was talking about it the EYFS L3 is through your local EYDP I think hmm but if you contact FIS they will give you details of all courses available, this one was funded so didn't cost anything but I'm sure it ran during the day, so ok if you work in a nursery as this person does, not so great if you are a CM.

outnumberedbymales Fri 24-Jul-09 14:32:24

I think I have decided to do the foundation degree which has to be done through the open university beacuse i childmind full time. Anybody else doing it or done it and have any thoughts?

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